12 Days of Cookies

One tradition I have staunchly clung to during the holidays is subscribing to Food Network’s 12 Days of Cookies. For years, I’ve subscribed and KEPT the recipes I received in my email. Some of them I already had or had a version of – but many of them were new to me and I’ve kept them in my email files for some time.

Since I put together a holiday cookbook for my kitchen earlier this spring, I plan to print out the cookie recipes I’ve saved and want to try at least 2 new recipes this year. That’s my goal anyway. I also happen to enjoy finding cookie recipes from “Around the World” and trying new flavors and tastes – especially from countries related to my or my family’s heritage: Poland, Germany, France, Scotland, Ireland, England, etc.

Food Network is a great resource for basic cookie recipes, decorating tips, and new ideas for old favorites. Go check them out and get subscribed to their 12 Days of Cookies Newsletter!!!

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