Bible Art Journaling,  Grace and Glory

Bible Art Journaling Pics -*NOT*

So, I’m not able to post any pics today of my personal Bible journaling.  My phone is how I take my pics and for some reason I cannot get it to charge.  It’s staying well below 50% and that means taking pictures is a real drag.

It’s almost time for our phone contract to renew and almost every time that comes around, my phone starts doing WEIRD things.  *cough* Can’t possibly be me, right???

Scripture Journaling - using colored pencils and a quick sketch
Scripture Journaling – using colored pencils and a quick sketch

Anyway – I have posted a pic before so I will share that again.  It is one of the first ones I doodled into my Bible using colored pencils.  Again – I prefer to see the text through the art (or rather, my attempts at art) and every time I turn to this page, I’m immediately thrown back to elementary school when I first memorized the passage of Psalm 1.

Again, I am NO artist, but I am learning so much through my Bible Art journaling groups that I am becoming inspired to stretch a little and try more sketching and even tracing. I found a really cute coloring page that had an ADORABLE bird that I want to trace so I can journal “His eye is on the sparrow” verse.  Even though that verse does not contain my word for the year, it gives me hope.  It reminds me to trust God and every time I see a pretty little bird, quite frankly, it’s what I think of and I find peace in that.

When I was young and Scripture memory was something I did at school and at church, these kinds of images came to my mind.  I learned about using mnemonic devices to memorize Scripture and SO. MANY. of the passages I learned as a child have stuck with me.  I think that for me, Bible Art Journaling is another mnemonic device.

God designed a visual world for a visual humanity.  Psalms reminds us that the “heavens declare the glory of God” and even if no one on earth acknowledges who He is, the stones would cry out.

Any visual cues and processes that build on Scripture are going to be helpful for me to tuck God’s Word into my heart.  But it could be really easy to focus solely on technique, supplies, and ability while journaling, and much like those who worship the creation rather than the Creator, I could easily become distracted by the process of the journaling rather than the content.  It’s like focusing on the author of a new Bible study, rather than the study itself…

But God blessed me with a creative soul and I want to worship Him in His Word as much as anywhere else.  I want this process to be as much about getting more of Him as demonstrating my walk with Him.

And if I can ever get my phone to charge, I’ll post some pics that show you I’m no artist.  But the little bits I’ve done bless me when I see them because they remind me of a moment in my walk with Him that grew my faith and that touched my life.

Whether you journal or notebook or art journal, I hope that you too will grow in your walk with HIm and in your faith in 2016!