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Catch UP and Another New Hobby for Mom

Catch up is kinda of a life theme for me.  Not because I like falling behind or taking on too much and getting overwhelmed.  Not because I want to put things off or ignore meaningful things in my life.  Not even because of a “new hobby for mom” that has just brightened up my life every day!  My catch up does have something to do with being intentional – something I have yet to master in my life.  It also helps to write down your password to your blog so you can log in and blog at any moment without having to reset it.  Twice.  In the past 2 weeks…


Roy & I have been in a process of working towards some assistance for Curly at school.  Between reviewing her ADHD diagnosis, homework OVERLOAD, assessments, tests, medication changes, and falling grades – it has been rough.  BUT we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and feel like we’re on track to get her the help she needs. Progress is a good thing at this point, so we are very HOPEful!

We have also dealt with the nasty cold virus going around everywhere, a stomach bug, a flat tire, and a car accident.  My husband was rear ended on his way into work last week – totaling his car – is very sore but thankfully was not seriously injured.  So we are down to 1 car for 2 jobs and 3 kids and it has gotten challenging to say the least.  (Don’t get me started on what the other insurance “should” do…)

I started a new Bible study and do feel like the intensity of life hit an all time high (see previous paragraph!) but it is so good.  Priscilla Shirer’s Armor of God Bible study.  Whew!  This is REALLY good stuff!  I love knowing WHY Paul referred to things the way he did in the passage of Ephesians 6, and learning how important it is to DAILY prepare for battle.  Cuz y’all – the battle is ON!  Every day.  Whether we want it to be or not.  More later…


As far as Bible journaling goes, I still have not jumped in fully.  Selecting a Bible is, for me, somewhat like selecting a business partner or life partner. I want a Bible I will use, not just a book to color in.  Frankly, I have been waffling between a really good study bible and a journaling Bible. [amazon affiliate links]  In one of my Bible Journaling Facebook groups, I kept seeing people share pages from “daily scripture writing” challenge.  Various challenges posted online – and they would design their daily pages.  One of the gals in the group started her own FB group for just the daily Scripture writing.  I thought I would try my hand at it, and WOW has it been awesome!  A NEW HOBBY FOR MOM!

Typically, it’s been 3 – 8 verses of Scripture to write out per day.  And honestly, I don’t do much “decorating” – but have found that the writing out of Scripture is an amazing way to spend time in God’s word.  I am LOVING it.  Passages of Scripture I’m really familiar with have taken on different meaning.  Familiar phrases have taken on new life, and some of them have shouted loud into my day.  I am honestly surprised at how much it has begun to affect me and HOW. MUCH. I miss it if I don’t write it out every single day!  If you are interested in joining any of these groups – the Scripture writing or Bible journaling – let me know because I can add you (they are setup as “closed” so you have to get a link and request to join).  So instead of posting journaling pages from my Bible, I will share some of my daily Scripture journaling instead.  (Just a notebook, colored ink pens, colored pencils, and a little washi sometimes…)


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