Grace. Salt. Light.

Well, our pastor’s sermon Sunday morning stomped all over my toes.  And it was about Grace.

You would think that a blog with the word “Grace” in the title should have a handle on that whole Grace thing, right?

Well, think again.  Cuz the truth is – I am constantly looking for Grace in my life.  It isn’t that God doesn’t abundantly pour it out on me.  It’s how I take it in.  And then share it with people.

Or don’t.

Cuz as much as I KNOW about Grace – and as much as I have experienced GRACE – I am not saturated with it to the point that when I am squeezed it comes flooding out.


And that’s why I am looking for Grace and Glory in my life.  but not just looking.  I have come to realize how hardened I have become by life.  Cuz it’s just plain unfair.

No, really.  Life is hard.  Promised promotions are handed to someone else.  Other promises are just flat broken.  Timelines stretch out, and then nerves are stretched thin.  Tires go flat.  Again and again.  Kids have meltdowns.  Moms have meltdowns.  Bills get bigger.  And more get added on.  Loved ones suffer.  Loved ones die.

Life is hard.  Am I right?

But God is good.  And you know what – HOPE, my word for 2016 – solely rests on that knowledge.


And when I am reminded that Grace comes from God – even when I hide my Light, or lose some saltiness – God has vast reserves of Grace to replenish me.  Always hoping to shine through me, and season others through me, and bring GRACE to others..

When I fail to stand strong in my faith, I was reminded this morning that I can still stand in the gap for others.  And pray that God strengthens me and that I will grow in strength in Him so he can use me.  Not just to stand in a gap.  But to draw others to Him.


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  • Marsha Baker

    Oh so precious! I was blessed to tears reading this. Life IS hard..but as Wanda just shared after the death of 2 beloved family members..we have a good good Father. And no matter how undeserving we are of that boundless grace…He keeps pouring it over us. Oh to be like Jesus! You are a great big blessing in my life!!