Grace and Glory

A Day in Your Courts

My verse for this blog is Psalm 84:11.  It reads: For the Lord God is a sun and shield.  The Lord gives grace and glory;  he does not withhold the good from those who live with integrity. (HCSB)

The Lord does give grace and glory.  Last night my son Mikhael became a father.  To a beautifully healthy baby boy with red hair and his mom’s nose.

I was in awe most of the day because I was kept in the loop by texts from Mikhael and Kendra and by messaging from his mom in a FB message group.  It was a lot of fun and I kept passing the info on to my kids and husband when I could.

As the time drew closer, and the decision to go with a c-section was made, Mikhael and I shared some 80’s lyrics to keep things light.  A little bit of “Final Countdown” and “Living on a Prayer” kept him smiling even though his nerves were acting up.  Hey – Bon Jovi was one of the only hair bands I even liked during the 80’s so it seemed appropriate to share at this time.

And, well, that’s how we roll.

I got a message “He is here” and then the pics & stats started rolling in. What a handsome little guy!  [Not sharing pics here to protect their privacy, but I can tell you that he is a fine looking little guy and I can certainly stare at pics of him all day long.]

As I was texting my mom all the news & info when he was born, we started talking about his name.  I won’t share his name here, but I will share that when I looked it up – it means “Doorkeeper”.

Last week, I started looking up Bible verses relating to doorkeepers and this is what popped up:

Psalm 84:10 – For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.  I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than in the tents of wickedness. (ESV)

Do you see it?  Do you see the thread of connection rolling around right there?  I didn’t see it at first and when my mom told me I about fell out of my chair!  It’s the verse right before my blog verse.

Coincidental to some, but extremely and profoundly meaningful to my heart.  When God decides to weave something together, let me tell you, He does NOT do it haphazardly or without purpose.  He knows exactly what He is doing when he is weaving all the themes, all the trials, all the incredibly breathtaking moments, all the people together into the tapestry of life.

On the day Mikhael was born, a Sunday, Cyndi bought a newspaper so they could have a memento from the town where he was born on his birthday.  One of the front cover stories featured an illustration of Moses in his woven basket.

Moses.  Who was also adopted.  Whose adoptive mother included his birth mother in the first few years of his life.

I mean, really!  I can still see the illustration when I close my eyes and remember that day.

I don’t know all of you in person.  I don’t know where all of you live or who you come into contact with.  But I want you to know that there is a God.  And not only does He love a young woman who made some bad choices and then had to make some hard choices – but blessed her so abundantly she is actually left speechless…

which is rare in case you didn’t know…

There is a God who listens to a young girl’s silent prayer about the kind of people she wanted to raise her baby – and then met EVERY. SINGLE. REQUEST.  Even down to a mom with long hair (as if that makes a difference in what kind of parent she would be?)

He didn’t have to answer my prayers.  He still doesn’t.  I’m just one measly human being on this spinning planet, no more important than anyone else.

But He is good.  God is good.  Life is hard – so very hard sometimes.  But GOD.

God is so good – despite life, despite defiance from the ones he pursues, despite cancer, despite hell.  And that’s what you should know.

God loves YOU.  He breathed life into me, into my son, and into his son.  And at any moment He can take the breath from any one or all three of us.  But He is STILL good!

So while I celebrate the birth of my very first grandbaby, I will continue to celebrate the amazing goodness of my God.  And I hope you do too!

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