Grace and Glory

The Summer Slide


Blogging three weeks ago about my new grandson was a real highlight so far this summer.  He is gorgeous and healthy and growing so fast!  Thankfully his tired parents are able to text and share updates with me in real time.  He & his family live a long day’s drive away from us and some days it is REALLY hard to be so far apart.  More days than I like to dwell on, really, but I am SO thankful for email, texting and Facetime so we can be in touch with family now the way we never dreamed of being in touch when I was still young.

I grew up far away from family.  With my dad being in the Air Force, we always lived quite a distance from any relatives – except for the rare blessing of having an uncle & his family who lived about 5-6 hours away from us in Alaska.  My mom had a cousin in Alaska, as well – but for the most part, I grew up far from grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins.

Being on the flip side of things now – wanting to see a son & his family – well, I’m not liking it so much…  But it is what it is, and we are making plans for me to go for a quick visit at the end of August.   I can’t even tell you how far away it feels…

In the meantime, we’ve hit the long hot days of the summer slide.  Y’all – since I was living as a preteen near Austin, Texas, I have NOT been able to tolerate a hot, humid summer.  Living anywhere without air conditioning has always been unfathomable.

I have to share this because it’s humorous in light of where I’m living now.  I have a cousin & her family who still live in Alaska. Her mom just posted a picture of her thermometer which registered 80 degrees in Anchorage -and she was NOT enjoying the sweltering heat!  It is unusual weather, so I chuckled as I read her post.  It’s been in the 80’s here with 80-90% humidity some days.  Blecccchhhh!

Didn’t grow up with sweltering heat – except in Texas – and I have never adjusted well to it.  Not when I lived in Southwest Missouri.  Not living in Ohio.  Humidity messes with my mind in ways I never imagined, and when it is hot and humid – I want. to. die.

I hate when it happens.  We retreat to our upstairs bedroom with our window a/c, and resort to playing tablets, watching Netflix, and sometimes even taking naps.  When there is shade and it doesn’t feel like walking through jello outside, we can sit out back and enjoy a breeze that might come along.  The heat & humidity drain me, and this wet summer has been a doozy!

My son & his family live in Louisiana.  I’ll be there at the end of August.  If it wasn’t for a grandbaby, I would not likely be visiting at the end of August!!!   If only I could melt off a few pounds in the process of sweating during my visit.  They have a/c, but I’m gonna melt like Olaf on a summer day…

One thing I have been doing while avoiding our swelter, is catching up on some reading.  I plan to share more about that soon, and some changes our family will be making with our eating.  Improving my health has been on my radar this year – doctor visit next week, planning to make some eating changes, and increasing activity.  It’s a slow road, but I’m gonna take every step in the right direction as a victory!

I not only have a husband, three kids to raise, and a son & daughter-in-law – I now have a grandson that I need to share lots of stories with, so I have lots of reasons to jump off the Summer Slide and try to take the stairs!