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Healthy Can Taste So Good!

I had a doctor appointment last week.  It’s been far too long, as I shared over at Finding Grace and Glory.  But it has inspired some new thinking, some new attitude, and a greater desire to improve my health.  Of course, one of my longstanding health goals is Weight Loss.  Not everybody who reads this blog will have the same struggle, but in an effort to greater health, we all know the Struggle is Real!  That’s why I have to share a couple of things because I am learning that Healthy Can Taste So Good!

I had already been reviewing some diet plans.  During my summer Bible Study, my friend Shelly has been sharing information about the Whole 30 Program.  In fact, some members of the Bible study stay afterwards to talk about that program and learn how to improve our health.  Her personal story of improved health, weight loss, and increased energy and clarity of thinking – spurred me into some action!

While we have dairy-issues in our house (Little Man can’t do dairy!), I know that the rest of us would feel incredibly deprived if we had to lose cheese, butter, half & half, and other dairy items which is part and parcel of the Whole 30 plan.  We can increase our protein and decrease our carbs, but come on!  I gotta have some cheese!!!

I started googling “low carb” stuff and kept seeing “THM” pop up.  “THM” refers to Trim Healthy Mama.  I had read and reviewed the book several years ago, but at the time it was not something I could wrap my brain around!  It isn’t eliminating carbs, but rather SUGAR and the effects that sugar has on the body.  Trim Healthy Mama is a lifestyle that chooses to balance carbohydrates vs. fats, as both are fuel sources for our bodies.  The idea is that when we consume too much of both at the same time, our body shifts a lot of it into stored energy (a pretty word for “fat”) and that contributes to weight gain.

Having started reading the book again, it is fitting together better.  I am understanding how the eating works.  It isn’t just about combining foods, either – it is about striking a good balance between carbohydrates and fats, so your body can burn the fuel you eat, AND dig into that stored energy as well!

Now one of my barriers to jumping in a few years back, is that there are specific ingredients and products suggested by the authors of Trim Healthy Mama (known as Serene and Pearl – 2 sisters who are witty and entertaining).  They were ingredients I had never heard of, and some weren’t readily available.  But given that so many of them are better for people who seek to eat gluten-free meals, a lot of these ingredients can now even be purchased at Walmart or on Amazon.  So getting the ingredients is simpler, and faster.  (Oh and now there is a membership website, too, which you can join and get even more recipes & member resources.  I am not a member, just thought I’d share the info!)

Add to that a number of bloggers who have found tremendous success with the THM lifestyle, and now there are multiple stores of recipes and Facebook groups to participate in for advice and direction!  I have done Atkins before.  I have done Weight Watchers before.  Both were somewhat successful, but not easy to maintain for one reason or another.

Since I am the primary cook for our household, it is important for me to find recipes that my whole family will enjoy – and that are simple to prepare! But the truth is, if I don’t like it, I am not gonna fix it for my family, so I have been trying some things out on my own! Some of my favorites so far have been Big Mac Salad (this was surprisingly satisfying!), Pumpkin Cheesecake Smoothie, Good Girl Moonshine, and The Shrinker!

Purchasing sprouted grain breads, eating LESS bread, and moving towards more whole fruits & veggies is different – but even Greg likes the grainy bread texture better, and we are going to reduce the artificial ingredients along the way!   So far, the kids have tried a couple of the things I’ve played around with – and every grocery trip will improve our chances of eating better and teaching our kids to eat better, too!

My initial goal for the plan is to lose 30 lbs.

This will put me back to my weight the day Greg & I got married.  And then I will set new goals.  I can already feel that some waistbands are less tight and I am feeling better, so I have lots of motivation to stick to it.  I have turned down ice cream, cookies, and crackers more than once and I don’t even miss them!

I will keep writing here and share recipes, plan info, great websites that share recipes & menus, and my weight loss progress, too!


  • Amber Albert

    Your little guy can’t do dairy. Have you tried goats milk? My little guys can’t do dairy either but they can do goats milk.

    • Debbie

      Amber, we have tried goats milk. It doesnt have the extreme effext that cows milk has, but we still have to limit his intake. :). He has learned to like Almond or Coconut “milk” and now the whole family drinks that instead. He just has a short gut which breaks down his food differently so we have to watch a lot of what he eats and drinks! Thanks for sharing. Its been awhile since we tried goats milk!

  • Dawn

    You go girl!!!!! I’ll be praying for strength and success in this new eating plan!!!! You can do it! Love you!