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THM A Refreshing Drink Recipe *Edited*

I shared in previous posts about starting the Trim Healthy Mama plan of eating. It is not just another low carb diet, but rather a balance between protein + fat and protein + carbohydrates. I wanted to share a quick update and Two drink recipes that are keeping me happy!

You can read my most recent update here.

THM GGMS & The Shrinker

So one of the ways I am really fighting cravings and staving off hunger is by making a couple of the popular drink recipes shared in the Trim Healthy Book and community.

Today I am sharing MY version of Good Girl MoonShine.  

I find the GGMS to be so refreshing in the afternoon with lots of ice. There are all kinds of varieties floating around (look them up on Pinterest) but I have found my “sweet spot” with this version:

My Good Girl Moonshine


I started with smaller quantities for this drink and have found that the hibiscus tea really rounds out the flavor and takes off the edge that the vinegar can add.  I have grown to like it tangier though – kinda like a berry lemonade in a way.

Obviously you can tweak this recipe using your favorite herbal tea base or blends.  I have used Red Zinger, Raspberry Zinger, Hibiscus tea bags, and some green tea as well.  I find that using 2 tea bags is enough, but some people might prefer 3 or 4.  It’s fun to play with either way, and I love the way I feel when I drink this.  The original drink recipe can be found HERE.

Although this tends to be a caffeine-free drink, I will say that I feel energized after drinking it, so I try not to have any after 7 pm, or I will be up past my bedtime.



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