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Sharing Stories

Most of my very first blog posts were about my oldest daughter and how I was navigating motherhood.  I shared daily experiences, challenges, and funny things that happened along the way.  I was blogging when not too many other people were blogging, and I wrote to a select audience because it was back before Facebook & Twitter were primary social mediums.  (wow – that wasn’t very long ago, and now they’re taking over the world…)

SIDEBAR: Actually, I was on Facebook when it was limited to folks with “.edu” email addresses.  I happened to work at a university and my boss had to send me an invitation to become a member – and I was put on a waiting list before I could even join!  Facebook has really come a loooong way!

Back in those early blogging days, I shared my daughter’s growth, doctor visits, pictures – all kinds of personal things because my audience was made up of family and personal friends.  Then a few comments from a new reader would come in and my audience grew.

I mainly shared stories back then.  About my journey into motherhood and my family’s growth.  About life lessons and funny stories.

Blogging changed and I felt like I had to keep up and lost my storytelling.  It was the part of my blog that was entirely ME.  I still shared my faith and great products with some stories sprinkled in here and there.

I have taken a -mostly- break from blogging because I really lost my voice and my sense of ME for blogging.

Recently I had the great pleasure of spending some time alone with my dad.  How easily he launched into stories about his childhood, about time spent with his brother, about siblings who died as he was growing up.  Stories about my grandparents.  About my dad’s time in Viet Nam – and his return.

Many stories I had never heard before.

It was sweet and wonderful and I wished I had known I should have recorded it because it was so lovely and informative and entirely enjoyable.

No, I didn’t enjoy hearing about how close my dad came to being shot by an enemy machine gun.  Or his awful experiences with gigantic rats (blecchhh!!!)  But my dad tells stories in the way that the very best storytellers do, and I soaked up every minute of it.

Storytelling is somewhat of a family trait.  My aunts & uncles have a way of sharing stories that are both entertaining and captivating.  Sharing stories is something I enjoy on both sides.  And its what I want to continue.

Part of my challenge has been that as my children have grown, I have struggled to know what to share and what not to share.  We have had many serious challenges in many different ways.  I want to share our life with grace and authenticity.

So I have done a lot of praying about it.  I have felt the need to shed some things, and to change other things.  I’m making those changes in an ongoing way and as I do, it’s as though I am being freed up to share.

Motherhood has been a roller coaster journey for sure.  I have enjoyed several parts, and wrestled out others to what felt like death.  I am changed by motherhood as much as I have watched my own children change and grow.  These are the things I want to share.

Plus other fun stuff.  And my faith.  All of it is wrapped into one big ball of Me, who I am, and if I can share stories that touch someone or encourage someone or even just make someone laugh – then I will be thrilled!

I hope you will stay on and read my posts.  I hope you will free to comment or ask questions or give me feedback any time you feel the need.  I will still be writing about Faith, family, and my favorite things.

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  • Marsha "Nana" Baker

    I’m looking forward to more of your stories…thankful you got that knack from your dad…and you help me, as your mom, in that area too! Thankful you so enjoyed time alone with your dad. I know he has been ‘charged’ by it too. Blog on sweet gal! Your biggest fan, ME, will be standing by anxious to read your next post…and your next. XO