A Quick Latte At Home for under $1

A good cup of coffee does NOT have to be hard to come by.  It also does not have to cost you your firstborn child!  While I have paid a pretty penny for a good cup of coffee, I am always looking for ways to save money and still take my coffee experience to that “ahhhhhh this is so goooood!” level.  In the mornings when I drag myself to the kitchen knowing I have to be UP AND AT ‘EM before the kids get up, I am so thankful for my Keurig because it is easy and quick to use before my brain is fully functioning.  Now, with the help of a sweet little product from International Delight, I can made a quick {delicious} latte at home!

I have seen the ads for the International Delight One Touch Latte, and seen it on the grocery shelves.  I was a bit skeptical only because I have tried making real lattes at home, and without the hot milk and becoming a whiz with the frother, I just haven’t been able to make it happen.  Until yesterday!

I was shopping at Meijer and happened to have an mPerks coupon for $1 off.  The International Delight One Touch Latte was on sale, so I grabbed the caramel flavor and thought I would give it a whirl!

Once I got home and put groceries away (most of them), I started my Keurig.  I love the sound my Keurig makes when it’s warming up.  It reminds me of the sound of the Tardis and it gets me all excited {Dr Who Anyone?}!  So I grabbed the can and read the instructions.  I wanted to do this the was supposed to be done – and the instructions looked easy enough.

My hot cup of coffee was waiting with anticipation for that latte effect.  (Did i just humanize a cup of coffee?  oh man, I might need an intervention).  The sound that the latte cream makes coming out sorta does sound like an espresso machine frother – I was getting more hopeful by the minute.  I added a few extra seconds worth of latte.  I looked into the cup and it LOOKED like a latte from a coffee shop.  I was impressed!

I sipped and could instantly taste the full flavor of the caramel and cream with the coffee.  Yum!  I continued to drink it and noticed that the caramel flavor was pronounced, but I also prefer a tad more sweetness to my cup.  The creamy level was perfect and amazing, and I drank the cup down quite quickly.

As I made my cup this morning, I decided to add a little of my sweet creamer (less than I normally would use, though) before adding the Latte product.  I also held the nozzle higher in the cup – and what I ended up with was a perfect latte with a little whip on top.  (I know, I know – lattes aren’t supposed to have whip, but this one did!)

All in all, I love the added flavor and frothy-whippy effect of this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a latte.  With Vanilla, Caramel, and Mocha flavors – I will definitely be enjoying homemade lattes more often without having to spend a bunch of cash!

My cost was less than $1!

Kcup less than $.50 + OTLatte @ $.15 per serving for me.  The can says 40 servings per can, and I’m guessing I will probably use at least 20 ($2.99 / 20 servings = $.15 per serving)!!!

I am NOT an affiliate and receive no compensation for sharing this with you – I just love a good cup of coffee and want to let you know how you might have one at home too!  If you want to know more about how the One Touch Latte works, click here and watch the video – you might just have to go buy some yourself!

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