Hello and Welcome to my home on the web. 

My name is Debbie.  I’m a wife and mother, daughter and sister, who wants to be like Jesus but often seem to fight myself to get there.  I’m not an expert on organization or discipline, and my story is rather messy, but my life is about finding Grace and Glory in the everyday life that God has abundantly blessed me with.

My main writing focus is Home & Family, including Faith, Health, and finding Solutions to everyday challenges in managing home & family!  I LOVE to share solutions to life’s challenges, and some of them I discover through my own trial and error. I started blogging by sharing stories about my children, and as they have grown and we have faced more challenges – my writing evolved into something bigger.

My kids:

  • Curly – our oldest – is my mini-me.  She has been diagnosed ADHD (although a psychologist found that she doesn’t fit this particular diagnosis at all), and she has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.  She is high-functioning so most people don’t believe us when we share with them.
  • Georgie (our little Curious George) is our little “old soul”.  She is the epitome of a middle child – and I have lovely conversations with her more and more each day.  (When she isn’t having a meltdown because she can’t control. every. thing.)
  • And then there’s Little Man.  He just turned 6 and has lost 2 teeth and goes-goes-goes from the second he wakes up til the second he crashes on a pillow.   He likes to line up his cars, talks endlessly about some of my phone games, and shoots hoops as much as he can.

Ten Random Things About Me

  1. I love coffee.  I love coffee in the way some people love sunsets, walks along the beach, and the smell of bread baking.  If you happen to have a coffee roasting company, and need a reviewer, I am your girl!!!
  2. I am obsessed with writing. I am obsessed with pens, with paper, with handwriting, and with words themselves and how when they are joined together they convey thoughts, emotions, feelings, and ideas.
  3. I grew up in Alaska.  This is a fun one, so let me just go ahead and answer a question or two  you might have:  No, I did not ever live in an igloo.  No, it was not dark all the time every day all year long.  In fact, during summer solstice, the sun never sets, it just lowers and moves across the horizon.  Living in Alaska was glorious.  Legends & fables abound.  And it’s probably why I love fairytales and mythology.  It is also where I met Jesus.
  4. I am allergic to mosquitoes.  You don’t need to know this, but just in case you see me walking around during the summer with a huge swollen lump on my arm, or a purplish eye swollen shut – it’s probably a mosquito bite.  (and it is awful!)
  5. I met my husband in 1991 at college.  He was a tall, good-looking guy with a sense of humor that could set me off into uproarious laughter.  (He still does this.)  He was in his junior year, I was in my freshman year – even though he is only 6 days older than I am.  We discovered many similarities and became good friends for the duration of our time together at school.
  6. I have worked as a live-in nanny.  Sorry – NOT Mary Poppins.  It was an interesting part of my life.  I was young – very naive – and had lots of energy – so it was all good.  If I didn’t have college aspirations, I would have remained a nanny of 2 year old triplets for much longer than the 3 months I was there.
  7. My husband & I were married in 2003.  Yep, that’s 12 years after we met.  He will tell you that HE was the “slow” one.  And it’s true.  But we both know God’s timing is perfect.  We stayed really good friends for most of those 12 years, although we had a serious falling out and stopped talking to each other for a short period.  I knew in college that he was “the one” – I even wrote a letter to one of my dearest friends in high school and wrote about him to her – back in 1991-1992…  He is still hilarious as heck and I am glad we have each other.  He’s my Lobster!
  8. Being a mom is one of the best and worst things in my life.  I know it’s probably not normal for moms to say “worst” but that’s a reflection of ME more than it is of my kids.  It’s the best thing cuz I have 3 amazing children.
  9. I love taking personality tests.  I am a Sanguine/Choleric, ENTP, Exhorter/Encourager, and I have a Right Brain preference.  It is fun to discover how personality traits, aspects, characteristics, are woven together and to figure out the how’s, why’s, and what’s of who a person is becoming.
  10. I am a believer in Jesus.  This really isn’t random, but it’s important for you to know.  I have had an ongoing relationship with Jesus for most of my life.  I was raised in church, and I did learn a lot about him within the church walls and in church-related activities.  But I came to know Him on a personal level while reading His Word and learning about His Life and the Story written within the Bible.  I am broken up by the knowledge of a God who loves me so much that despite my own selfishness and self-servedness – sent his only Son to spend his life in my stead and redeem me with His life.  And that the Creator of the universe wants to know ME and walk through my life with me.  I would love for you to know more about Him, too!

By NO MEANS do I have solutions for every challenge I face.  Sometimes my writing is about just that!  What I do know is that Finding Grace & Glory is to share my journey through life’s challenges and the solutions which help me navigate them well!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at  FindingGraceandGlory@gmail.com .  I would love to hear from you!

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