School. We were given a letter about spelling words for Curly, but the instructions and spelling list were not included so we practiced the wrong words ALL. WEEK. LONG. Roy & I each worked with her and despite our error, she only missed 1 word!!! We had to talk to the teacher and now we are on track and know the right words to study for next week.


Schedules. This was the first full week of school where the girls were gone all day. Roy is changing his schedule so he can help drop them off, and Little Man and I ended up doing a ton of “running” all week to get caught up on things. I cleaned out my fridge, made some breakfast goodies for next week, and got supper ready early today. But until today, I felt like I was on a treadmill. Going uphill. 4 miles per hour.


Technology. I got my replacement phone this week – and actually like it better, but it has taken several days to get the feel for it. And to find all my contacts. And settings. And it’s a good thing it came, because our one and only handset (the other one has been eaten by our couch) got dropped into milk at some point, only we weren’t told as such. It was discovered when the battery case was removed becuase it wouldn’t hold a charge… The handset has dried out and is mostly working but we’ve had to deal with different phones all week and it’s had me a little off kilter.


Attitudes. Spirits. Words. To say it was stressful this week would be laughable. And I did not always handle things well. I don’t. I had a job interview with a company I would love to work for, but which would require 50-60 hours of work each week, including Saturdays. After this summer’s challenge with my internship, I knew that my working Saturdays would kill us. It is hard to say no to a really good opportunity because of one technicality, ya know? But it had to be done. Because my family has to be more important than my paycheck or career, and I have to pray for wisdom and direction as I seek other work.


Life is all about adjustments. We all have to make adjustments. Reading in I Peter this week I read all about how to HANDLE adjustments. Because God DOES care about our response and how we adjust to the curves and challenges life throws at us.

Because the eyes of the world are absolutely watching us. We who believe in Jesus.

The Chosen People.
The Royal Priests.
The Holy Nation.
God’s Very Own Possession.

And I grit my teeth, because it’s not just my neighbors who watch. It’s my children. And what do THEY see in me in response to crisis?

I Peter is a book I am studying right now as part of my Hello Mornings Challenge, and God is using it to chip away at some hard places and smooth off some rough edges. But He doesn’t do it by browbeating me with recriminations and insults.

Instead, He reminds me of my place and calls me to stand there when life throws mud. And to rejoice, knowing that as I suffer for His sake, I am becoming more like Jesus.

Who suffered for mine.

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