I’ve found some really amazing blogs listed on other mommy blogs and the most recent ones had a running theme of adoption. One mommy who just adopted, and one who is waiting for a birthmom to deliver her baby. When you have time – check out some of the blog links to the right – there are some amazing, funny, spunky, witty, creative women out there, and I love that I get a peek into the realm of other Queen Mommies.

I’m always so fascinated and touched by the stories I read today about adoption. I’ve added a new page to my blog called “My Adoption Experience.” As are my usual blogs, it is very lengthy & detailed, but it shares the story of my experience with adoption.

Speaking of Queen Mommies – I have a very soft heart for adoptive moms. I could never say enough about Cyndi, the woman who took my son as her own and raised him under her heart and in it. She has been a rock for me when others walked away. She has loved me when others considered me to be unloveable. She loved both my son and me – enough to include me in his life, and for that I will always be so honored and so grateful. Not only is she a mother to my son, she is a dear friend to my heart.