All Jacked Up

This phrase could describe my entire week last week. It was just an “OFF” kind of week. Nothing horribly major happened. Nothing majorly horrible happened. But I was glad when the weekend came and Monday finally rolled around. I was so out of it. I had a hard time remembering what day it was. I struggled to get through every day of the week for some reason. I was just All. Jacked. Up.

But that’s not really what I’m writing about.

Last night at bedtime, Curly went upstairs and asked one of us to come up and pray with her. Roy said one of us would come up in a few minutes (she has some issues at nighttime: scared – of – the – “chupacabra” – in – the – dark – her – cousin – told – her – about). sigh. So bedtime is generally met with resistance. Roy assured her that one of us would go up in a few minutes. He was playing with Georgie at the time, and I was feeding Little Man.

After LM fell asleep, I handed him off to Roy and headed up. She was drawing on her doodler. She drew pictures of herself and her sister in “poufy” skirts. So then she added me to the picture. I asked for a crown. She gave me a great big pointy one.

That’s my girl!

I plopped into bed beside her (after I remade it) and we started talking about school (cuz SHE had a rough day on Friday – got “clipped down” far enough on the colored chart that the teacher had to send a note home. Just All Jacked Up for everybody last week…)

She started praying (and drawing at the same time – girl has developed the bad habit of trying to do 2 things at once. Don’t know WHERE she gets it…) And she asked God to help her have a better day and to fall asleep soon so she could get enough rest and have a better day at school.

“Cuz if you don’t, then everything will be ALL. JACKED. UP.”

Yes, that’s what my 6 year old daughter prayed to the Creator of the Universe.

After I got over my shock, I laughed myself into hysterical gasps. I had tears running down my cheeks and when I could think, I realized I had 2 giggling girls in bed laughing right along with me.

So she started again, but tried to ham it up and I was able to SOMEHOW keep it together long enough to get through the rest of her prayer and add my own. Short but sweet. I giggled to myself later because I know how God has a sense of humor.

HE totally “got” what Curly was praying for and I do believe He heard her request quite clearly. Of that I have no doubt. Because despite the crapola of life – the hard times, the disappointments, the tough days, the things that don’t go right – the things that are ALL. JACKED. UP…

He already knows about them. And He’s already redeemed them… Nothing and No one is TOO jacked up for God.

2 thoughts on “All Jacked Up

  1. Donna Standridge says:

    Out of the mouth of babes!! You wonder where they get this stuff. Keeps life interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marsha "Nana" Baker says:

    OHMYSOUL!! I could NOT have contained myself at all. I can only imagine how you managed Mom. Way too funny! Hopefully this is a smoother running week for ya’ll. Are they coming to work on the house yet? Hope so – Blessings and Luvs on you and yours. XO

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