An Inspiration Appointment

After my post yesterday, I was really glad to have had a FREE Inspiration Appointment scheduled in the afternoon with iBloom Life & Parenting Coach, Tara McClenahan. I had the opportunity to hear Tara one afternoon via Cindy Rushton’s Talk-A-Latte, and really enjoyed everything she had to share. I immediately signed up for her newsletter and have read and referred to much of the literature found at her blog.

Our appointment yesterday, though, was an introduction to the Life Coaching programs that iBloom has to offer. You can read more about the Happy Marriage coaching program at Mommies Coffee Break today, but it was this initial appointment that really did inspire me.

I shared with Tara my clutter and scheduling issues, and she had already visited my blog and read my post – so we were able to jump right in and talk about these things for me. It was fun to laugh with someone like Tara, who could understand exactly where I was coming from, without making me feel like a loser.

iBloom has several coaching options available – and several different coaches, depending on your needs. The Inspiration Appointment is FREE, and can give you a taste of what iBloom has to offer. You may want to sign up for the FREE 40 day iChoose2 Love My Life Challenge. I’ve been participating for almost 2 weeks and told Tara I was enjoying it and had been surprised at a couple of the daily challenges. They have been unexpected – addressing different areas of my life – and some of them I’ve really had to stop and “chew on” rather than just living on the surface.

With a variety of coaching options available – whether you just need a little boost for a month or two – or want to dig in and commit to a year of tackling YOUR LIFE, iBloom is worth checking out.

Coming to the end of my schooling – with a variety of life changes ahead of me – and a few too many bad habits under my belt, life coaching is not only something I’m praying about as a potential ministry – it’s something I’m praying about as a tool to enrich my training and calling. In fact, after visiting the site and signing up for my Inspiration appointment, I signed up as an affiliate for iBloom. All the links here are my affiliate links – and I’m really proud to recommend them to you.

Now I’m off to work on some practical scheduling on a spreadsheet Tara sent, and I’ll keep you posted on how things go!

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