And, We’re Off! 3 in 30 and Maximize Your Mornings

Off to the races. Off our rockers. lol We are OFF in this new fall schedule. Things are falling into place, and since the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge has officially started, I am hoping and praying to build some sort of a real schedule that helps me accomplish my responsibilities, as I also strive to simplify our lives.

Work on the house has not begun. We had a few contractors come by and check on some things – but nothing official has started. I’m okay with that. It’s been a busy week. It will start soon enough. Here are the things we will be having worked on over the next few months:

  • Repair & renovate our upstairs bathroom, install new lights & vent system. (Yes!)
  • Whole house rewiring and installation of new electrical box.
  • Plumbing updates as needed.
  • Light fixtures installed in every closet. (required code)
  • Remove dropped ceiling in kitchen, repair kitchen ceiling and refinish (yay!). Install 2 light fixtures and cover 2 current fluorescent light fixtures.
  • Repair front door jamb, install ceiling fan / light in living room. (we’ve been literally living in the “dark” ages)
  • Wall off laundry room and update.
  • Install new bathroom (sink, toilet, shower) in basement and close off furnace/water heater leaving access.
  • Install drywall throughout basement. Reframe windows to improve seals.
  • Install new concrete porch and pour new step.
  • Install new up-to-code handrails in stairwells, and out kitchen-to-garage door.
  • Install new kitchen-to-garage door.

There’s more but that’s all I can remember. It IS a lot. It has been desperately needed and we are SO. VERY. THANKFUL. for the work to be done. It’s via a local home improvement grant that we applied for and received. Thank you Lord!

In the meantime, I’m still in school and it’s midterm week. I’m taking the algebra class again (bane of my existence) but doing well so far, and really enjoying the Psyc class. When the Psyc class is done, I’ll be picking up a Life Coaching class (and hopefully LEARN how to get myself even better motivated!)

Everyone is doing well. Georgie seems a tad under the weather as I write this – and I think Little Man may be cutting a 3rd tooth. That keeps things hopping, but despite their circumstances, for the most part they are doing really well.

I also started a Beth Moore study this week – A Heart Like His (study of the life of David). I am SO. thrilled to be in another study this fall. This is my FUN thing for me – and I am praying I can really draw closer to the Lord as I go through this study. I love the life of David – love how God included this imperfect man in His Story of Love for the world – and can’t wait to dig in deeper.

As far as my 3 in 30 goes, it has been another off week. Haven’t had much water at all. ACK! But I am not giving up. I just need to buckle down and drink it. 6 glasses really isn’t much – I just have to THINK about doing that. Time Management is coming together. I’m getting used to our daily schedules and getting a bit more sleep here and there, so that has helped me stay in a bit of a better schedule. I will be working through the Heart Like His Bible Study, and on the off days, will continue through my Woman of Simplicity. Both will challenge me, but I’m okay with that.

How has your week been?

Praying your weekend is beautiful and you are enjoying Fall-like weather in your neck of the woods!

5 thoughts on “And, We’re Off! 3 in 30 and Maximize Your Mornings

  1. Marsha "Nana" Baker says:

    Like you, I have lots going on this week too. Getting ready for a garage sale next week and it’s keeping me busy. I’m hoping to enjoy some time in the kitchen today and bake cookies to sell next week. I need to have some ‘fun’ time. I taught a kid’s class on Wed. night – this is my Sunday turn to teach Jr. Church. Always something to do…how awesome you’re making time for a Bible study. I would definitely LOVE studying David. VERY excited about all the house changes that will be made at your place, and I’m sure the ‘mess’ part will be tough after a while, but oh how you’ll enjoy having that bathroom downstairs. Have a wonderful weekend and make sure you smooch those babes for me. XO

  2. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s quite a list! But a local home improvement grant? That’s incredible and a wonderful reason to be thankful!

    I hope the work proceeds smoothly and that its completion is in the not-too-distant future!

    (And enjoy your new Bible Study!)

    • queenmommy says:

      It IS quite a list – and I won’t enjoy the mess during the renovation, but I’m already grateful for improvement in our living quarters!!! I’m already enjoying the Bible Study – wow.

  3. Petra says:

    Wow, what a list! I think that the water drinking habit is acquired by practice. Maybe order water whenever you go out or to a friend’s house for dinner, and always set yourself a tall glass at meal and snack times. I hated water at first and now I have to have it. One of my goals is going great, another soso, and the third at a snail’s pace. All the best to you and your goals.

    • queenmommy says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. We’re trying to transition from bottled water to filtered water – and I’ve got a pitcher in the fridge dedicated to keeping the filtered water cold so I’m more likely to drink it. It’s just improving on a change in habit, really. I’ve got a glass sitting here right now as I type, so that’s a step in the right direction. lol!

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