And We’re OFF!

Moving gets underway – in a serious way – TODAY!  I’m a little bit overwhelmed and a little bit behind, but getting REALLY excited about actually MAKING the transition instead of just talking about it.

The house we’re moving into required MAJOR plumbing repair and updating.  Leaks in the bathrooms were discovered as pipes were replaced in the basement – but it’s ALL updated and corrected and ready to go.  We’ll be having the water tested – as it is a well that has not been used for more than 1 year.  The well has been “shocked” so it’s just a matter of testing it to see what might be lurking behind and what we need to do to prepare to LIVE in a house with well water.

While we primed Little Man’s (formerly PINK) bedroom, we have not yet painted any color on the walls.  That is something we will get to – maybe even today.

Curtains are going up and some items have already been moved in – but now we’re working on bigger stuff from the garage & basement.

I’m posting all this to tell you that it is my desire and my goal to try to post pictures of projects I’ll be undertaking as we continue to update and fix the house.  I’ve really been inspired by SEVERAL things on Pinterest and want to incorporate them into the house as we being living there!  We have a lot of ideas about how we want to make over and update the house – and it will take a lot of work and time to accomplish them all – so I’m hoping to include a diary of sorts – in both pictures and posts – and share how it goes.  Good or bad.  Ugly or beautiful!

I’ve found a couple of blogs that offer some tutorials and project ideas and will be referencing them for ideas and plans, too.  Remodelaholic and Sawdust Girl are two blogs I found THROUGH Pinterest, and I have already saved projects to use!!!

So I’m off to the races and getting ready to move!!!