Are you Sensitive?

Do any of you have any food sensitivities? Are you allergic to anything or do you have to avoid any foods because of the symptoms you experience if you eat them?

Right now, we are watching to see if Little Man is having some reaction to dairy foods.


My favorite food group. And because he gets his sole nutrition from me, it may be necessary to reduce or eliminate dairy products from my diet altogether. Ack!

I had a difficult time digesting milk while I was pregnant with him, so it is not a total shock, but we are just keeping an eye on him for now – he’s had lots of gas, some constipation, and even a little rash (which could be hormone related OR dairy related…)

I have not eliminated all dairy from my diet yet – but we did buy some rice milk today to try. It’s chocolate – and it’s okay – a very different kind of thing – but I’m also investigating a gluten-free diet because Roy may have some sensitivities there.

It’s a lot to think about – a lot to research – and would mean a LOT of major changes – but at this point, we are watching and waiting and learning what we can about it.

With Georgie’s reactions to some foods containing Red Dye 40, again it would not surprise me to learn that there are other foods we are sensitive to or even allergic to at this point.

For now, I think we’re going to consider going to a semi-Atkins style diet to at least reduce some of the gluten we eat, without going full-on Atkins or eliminating everything, until we know more about what to try and how to switch some food groups.

If you have a food allergy / sensitivity – how did you discover it? What lifestyle changes did you have to make? Where did you get most of your information?

2 thoughts on “Are you Sensitive?

  1. Angie Walker says:

    Changing eating habits is one of the hardest things to do. I haven’t had to make any changes myself (my gall bladder is gone, so I can eat anything), but my step-father has Crohn’s disease and is struggling bad. All of his favorite foods have been taken away. He cannot have fresh veggies or anything that will not digest. He basically has to eat like a baby (soft foods).
    I think you are doing the right thing by experimenting. I hope all goes well for you.

    • queenmommy says:

      It IS really hard to change eating habits. I don’t want to go all-out “Atkins” because I don’t think it’s good for our entire family. We are just going to start making small changes and trying different things to see how they work. Reducing our bread intake certainly won’t hurt us. =)

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