Autism Resources *Updated*

Rather than post a long series of links in a blog post, I decided to add a *NEW PAGE* to the site.  I have found some great resources already, but as I continue to do my own research and connect with more moms and dads, I want to be able to keep things simple for anyone who might come looking for links or resources or just blog posts they might be able to relate to some time.

You can find the new resource page HERE.  When you are visiting the site at any time, you will find the link to the page under the “Raising Kids” tab in the menu bar!

Autism Awareness month has come to an end, but my desire to inform, educate and build connection with other parents who care about family members with Autism has no end!  I will continue to research and learn and support my girl, and find support that we need to help her grown into adulthood – and continue to share resources I find with anyone else who might need them!