Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources

Rather than limit myself to one post, or even a series of posts, I decided that to keep things simpler for someone LOOKING for resources, I could just create a page and add, update, or remove links as needed.  These links (in italics) are just references for you.  If I am an affiliate for anything here, I will note the link as such, but in most cases, I just want to provide some starting points for anyone who needs more information or education or support for Autism.

Downloads & Resources

*F*REE Downloads from Project Sensory

Nourishing Hope – Food & Nutrition for ADHD, Autism, and Healthy Children

*FR*EE Printables from Kori at Home (LOTS of visual helps!)

Parent Resources – from “And Next Comes L” (I subscribe to her free Weekly Autism Planner for the amazing list of resources & ideas)

Parent Coaching for Autism

Blogs to Read

Carrie Cariello – Exploring the Colorful World of Autism

Kori at Home

Autism Spectrum Awareness Websites

Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders : Nationwide Children’s Hospital

National Autism Resources

National Autism Center

The Arc’s Autism Now Center


Autism Research