Backyard Farming in the Basement

Most folks in town “farm” in their backyard if they farm at all, right? There are a number of books on the subject, actually. It’s becoming more popular as people learn to produce their own goods to save money and learn about self-sufficiency. If we had our druthers we’d live on a piece of land with a backyard farm.

For now?

We farm in our basement…

That’s where mommy & daddy guinea pig are – Mr. & Mrs. Moonpie. Their babies, Brownie, Cupcake, Cookies & Twinkie live with them in lovely little cages downstairs.

The egg incubator has been there as well, and as chicks hatched, they were moved into a box in an upstairs bedroom under a lamp. It’s only temporary. They will be in the basement before long, and then they will be in the backyard.

Out of 7 that hatched, 5 are thriving, 1 has gimpy legs and probably won’t make it, and 1 did not survive. Any roosters that develop will be given away as we are not allowed to have roosters in city limits unless our neighbors don’t mind. And we have a neighbor who DOES mind, so we won’t keep them…

2012-04-04_15-35-58_842However, we’re hoping for 3 or 4 or 5 hens to remain – mostly for pets, but also somewhat for egg production & introduction to 4H. The chicks are SOOOOO stinkin’ cute! All fluffy and cheeping.

And stinkin’. They will require more effort on Roy’s part, but they are mostly his project anyway.

Out of 36 eggs, 7 hatched. That doesn’t seem like much, and yet, it’s probably perfect for us. Roy broke open an unhatched egg and it was simply not fertile. We are actually pleased with the results considering we had some “help” from a couple of curious girls who get excited about babies…

Some of the guinea pigs will move onto better places, too – at some point. My hubby has a hard time letting go of animals, and although we were told we bought 2 female guinea pigs, of course we purchased a mating pair, and now we get to deal with the results. sigh…

Our basement is sorta shaping up into a homework / study / farm and it’s working out well. Our floor remains unfinished and I think we’ll probably invest in some carpet remnant to cover it – and it will be a great living space. Between Algebra, Little Man’s recurrent colds, Roy’s work schedule – and two messie girls who inherited that trait honestly from their messie mommy – we still have some work to do. Even since my mother-in-law did a major overhaul.

I may be brave and show some basement pictures – beyond the animals – but I am not sure about that… I’m still figuring out how to get video posts done a little bit better, so we’ll take one thing at a time. Until then, we’re figuring out where we want things to go and how to transition to our backyard farm.

Girls started Tball practice every week now, so it’ll just get busier – but that’s okay! We enjoy Tball… 4H is getting into full swing, and that is always exciting for us, too. As school winds down these last 9 weeks, we’re preparing for summer and all that is coming with it!

The spring weather has us all sniffling and fighting sore throats – one day it’s 80, the next day it’s 50, and the next day we get a freeze warning for overnight. We’ve had our AC on once or twice, but have relied heavily on our living room ceiling fan and open windows for the most part.

Since Little Man has mastered going up – and down – the stairs, things have gotten easier, but until the basement is all squared away, he won’t be making his way downstairs just yet.

What do you have going on this spring?

4 thoughts on “Backyard Farming in the Basement

  1. Marsha *Nana* Baker says:

    You are always a busy mommy and farmers wife! I need to get out back and clean out the flower beds…that are already producing flowers. I do love the sunshine and began the process of weeding yesterday. I love being in the sunshine and soaking in the Vit. D. I am working on a project right here in my favorite chair, and really DO need to get out and move more. : / Love to you and yours today!! XO

    • The Queen Mommy says:

      I AM a farmer’s wife! That’s for sure! I do like the chicks peeping downstairs – it’s a cheery sound! I know – it’s crazy that flowers are already sprouting – and we have a FREEZE WARNING TONIGHT!!! Ack! Gonna have to cover my peony plants! XO

  2. Donna Standridge says:

    Debbie, you amaze me!!!!!!!!!!I don’t think I could handle 3 children and ALL YOUR FARM ANIMALS! BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;you are making memories for your children.
    Joy and I leave for Atlanta tomorrow. Jacob (will be 16 April 25) has his EAGLE SCOUT Court of Honor on Saturday April 21. We are so proud of him. He is learning to drive and will get his license on May lst. Seems like just yesterday I was changing his diapers the two days I kept him while Christy worked. I can still see him and Joseph running to the Florida room in my condo to get all their toys out to play when they arrived in the A.M. They grow up so quickly. Just praying I can stay on my feet. I had a nasty fall enroute on our last trip to Atlanta and I have fallen once here at home. Never was known for my gracefulness but at least I stayed on my feet!!!!!!!!!

    • The Queen Mommy says:

      Oh wow – have fun on your tip!!! Sheesh – a DRIVER! NO FALLING!!! I know how that is… I’m not too graceful myself. Will pray for your safety!!!

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