3 thoughts on “Baking with Flavored Coffee Creamers

  1. Marsha *Nana* Baker says:

    Oh Girl – you are a woman after my heart…and taste buds too! I haven’t yet made any of those homemade creamers, but trust me, I’M GONNA!!! Love it when I can think to add it to a recipe…you’ve shared some awesome ideas here. OH YUM!

  2. Shelly says:

    Okay, yum! Oh, Deb, how I miss your baking ~ especially those peanut butter cookies! You simply MUST send me your recipe! PLEASE? Glad I stopped by ~ I’ve missed you!

  3. The Queen Mommy says:

    I think I have that recipe posted here somewhere – but if I don’t I’ll get it posted soon! They are scrumptious – my brother-in-law loves them, too!

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