Be Kind in 2009

So my goal – my commitment – my resolution for the year is to BE KIND IN 2009.

It is something I will have to practice – A LOT – and something that challenges me. I am not “kind” by nature. I tend to be more pointed, harsh – even mean.

I must be kind to myself. Give myself “a break” even if I don’t think I deserve it – paint my toenails with glittery polish, soak in the bathtub with a favorite book or magazine (til I’m pruney!) when I should could be doing chores, enjoying every sip of my still-HOT tea while my girls empty their toy box all over the living room knowing it can be cleaned up. I must take care of myself – make better food choices, move more, take my vitamins, get my rest instead of striving (and failing) to have a spotless house. When I’m not kind to myself, it’s much harder for me to be kind to others.

I must be kind to others. Sigh. That means thinking before I speak (which requires some major doing – but hey, I’ve got a Big God who can work miracles). Thinking of others and being considerate – Considering my tone and the words I use before they spew out of my mouth like hot, molten lava. I must defeat my endless interrupted-sleep-inducing-fatigue and take 5 deep breaths before I do or say anything. I must ask for God’s help every single step of the way – cuz I don’t do so good on my own.

I must follow Christ’s example. His kindness outshines the kindest… I must look for his footprints ahead of me instead of just barging on ahead and trampling people in my wake.

Ephesians 4:32

And be kind to one another, (this is an action – something I can do)

tenderhearted, (this is internal – something I can be)

forgiving one another, (this is both proactive and reactive – something I must practice)

even as God in Christ forgave you. (um, yeah – no excuses here…)

So, this is my challenge for 2009. Not just a resolution to forget next week. Not just a goal that can be mastered and then put away.

7 thoughts on “Be Kind in 2009”

  1. Bless you Darlin! These are all great thoughts and I know you can do this…cause we can do ALL things through Christ, right? More power to you Girl! A great plan – may God bless you richly and return doublefold
    to you, what you give away. In kindness…Smooches!!

  2. Extremely well said. It sounds like you really have thought this through. You are absolutely right when you say that you have to take care of yourself first. If I don’t take care of my basic needs at least, I cannot be the mother or wife I’d like to be. I wish you all the best in your challenge in 2009. I have a feeling that you’ll accomplish what you want.

  3. Wow, Extremely well said! It seems like you have it all planned out. I agree with you. You have to take care of yourself first. I find that if I don’t take care of at least my basic needs, I cannot be the mother or wife I’d like to be. I have a feeling you will accomplish all you set out to accomplish with your challenge in 2009. Good luck!

  4. I think you are well on your way… Every time I speak/email/blog with you, I already think you are super kind.

    I know how hard it is to be kind to yourself. We never would let others “speak” to us the way we “speak” to ourself!

    Best wishes!


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