Books and Journals – Bible Art Journaling

Because Bible Art Journaling has grown in popularity, book publishers have taken note.  If you go to, christianbook, Lifeway and other stores – you will probably find at least one style of Bible designed for Art Journaling.  And if you can’t find a Bible, you will most certainly find a journal!

This is – in part – due to the division over whether or not the art should travel over the margin onto the words on the page. Unlike simple highlighting and coloring, Bible Art Journaling *can* cover the words on the page.  While some people view this as artistic licensure, others see it as completely irreverent.  Personally, I don’t want to hide the words on the page.  I don’t mind coloring or illustrating over them if the text still comes through.  That’s my personal preference. No biggie.

The truth is, publishers have noticed the growing interest and exploration into Bible Art Journaling and decided to lend a helping hand.  YAY FOR US!

One of the first Bibles I remember hearing about and seeing used is the


This is, actually, a redesign of an earlier Journaling Bible, but is one of the most popular versions to date.  A singe column of text with ruled margins are 2 inches wide – similar to a Moleskine notebook – that allow you to take notes as you wish, or create an illustration inspired by a sermon, morning devotion, or Bible study.

Another popular one is the

NIV Journal Edition

It is similar to the ESV one listed previously – but in the NIV text.

You will find – if you start looking for journaling Bibles – that there are very different styles where journaling Bibles are concerned. Some offer the wide side margins with or without lines, like the two mentioned here.  Some offer larger margins across the top or even the bottom.

In fact, there is a new Bible coming with black & white illustrations sprinkled throughout.  It is an NLT version, which is my only hesitation in ordering this one.  I already own a Life Recovery NLT Bible, so I don’t want to invest in another version of that.

And there is another new Bible coming with one page of text and one entirely blank page in each layout.  It is called an Interleaved Edition.  I am really intrigued by this one.  It allows for extreme note taking, as well as illustrating and lettering.

For me, whichever Bible I choose (because I have not yet been able to make up my mind and commit to making the investment), I want it to be a Bible I can take to church with me and use every day – not just for a creative form of worship.

Until I can make that commitment, I am using the small margins of my current Bible or a moleskine notebook to do my illustrations and then I use washi tape to attach it to the page in my Bible with the corresponding Scripture.  (You can use any notebook you’d like – moleskine notebooks have faint lines, thicker paper and perforated edges, so I prefer them!)

My sketchings & letterings are rudimentary at best, but I will share what I have done in a post to come!  There are many techniques that a lot of different people use and that is what makes this so appealing to me.  This can absolutely be customized to MY likes and MY skills & bents – and MY walk with God.  Everything from a notebook journal with Bible study notes to incredible art-scapes in someone’s Bible.  What an amazing opportunity to grow in the Lord and use gifts and skills to honor HIm!