Broken Tooth, Apple Month, and Much More

Hey Friends. I hope you are enjoying a gorgeous, vibrant Fall in your neck of the woods! The colors are popping out SO bright these days – I don’t mind the early morning drives to school even though it’s getting chilly!

Speaking of chili – ahem – how many of you enjoy a good bowl of chili when it gets colder outside? What’s your secret? Do you like it spicy or mild? With or without beans? Other veggies or just tomatoes? My hubby & I have different tastes when it comes to chili, but we do agree that Cincinnati-style chili is at the BOTTOM of our list. We prefer NOT to have the cloves and cinnamon in our chili.

For closing in on a week, I’ve had a broken tooth troubling me. It’s an old injury that has flared up and now not only is it throbbing with pain – it has abscessed. I can barely THINK let alone do anything else, so my blog has quieted down some. Am scheduled for an appointment late tomorrow and imagine I’ll get a round of antibiotics before I finally have it pulled. I dread going to the dentist, but it’s gone beyond reasonable measures of care, and now I get to have it pulled.

October is Apple Month. YUM! I WILL be featuring several apple recipes this month so stay tuned so you can weigh in on them. I just LOVE baked apples – any way I can get them!

So, just touching base – hopefully on Wednesday, I’ll find some relief from the throbbing, aching, horrific pain that is consistently interrupting my sleep – and I’ll be working at full speed.

See you then!

2 thoughts on “Broken Tooth, Apple Month, and Much More

  1. Marsha *Nana* Baker says:

    Bummer – I just read this! Hope your dentist appt. went well and you have been relieved of the pain…and the tooth. =( One day at a time, right? XO

    • DebbieJTaylor says:

      Yeah – so I went to the dentist. It IS abscessed, so I have to be on antibiotics for a few days. After looking at my teeth they want to pull a wisdom tooth too, so although I thought I would only get the one pulled, I may have to rethink it and have both pulled at the same time. Ugh. Makes it exciting without dental insurance, but I’m praying about the best course of action.

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