Bible Art Journaling – Creativity and Worship

Bible Art Journaling - using colored pencils and a quick sketch
Scripture Journaling – using colored pencils and a quick sketch

Bible Art Journaling takes mom’s new hobby – coloring – and takes it up to a higher level.  While coloring is relaxing and stress-relieving, Bible Art Journaling uses coloring – along with sketching, tracing, designing, and lettering – and allows you to embrace your creativity and worship the Lord at the same time.

Bible Art Journaling

I have always been one to highlight, underscore, and make notes in the pages of Scripture. (In fact, I have my grandmother’s Bible which has her tiny handwriting sprinkled throughout.)  While I do not think the Bible is just another coloring book, I know that my walk of faith is enhanced when I interact with Scripture and allow it to interact with me.  Color – helps me remember, categorize, and organize and brings a different feel to my study of God’s Word.  I really looked at Scripture differently after I started an Inductive Bible study.

While I am no artist – I can’t really draw or sketch – I am fascinated by the process of hand lettering.  The solemnity and ritual by which scribes re-recorded the Word of God reflected their honor for His Word.  (Click the link to read the Judaism section of Wikipedia for more details!)  And then there are original texts which reveal the most beautiful, delicate, ornate lettering which really adds a rich beauty to the words themselves.

Art Journaling hearkens back to the time when the actual writing of the Word was as personally affecting as reading it.

So maybe you have art supplies sitting in a storage bin collecting dust.  Maybe you enjoy scrapbooking, calligraphy, writing, reading, or coloring.  Maybe you want to try your hand at something new.  Bible Art Journaling may be for you.

I am going to share a few links to websites and blogs which offer more information about Bible Art Journaling.  You will find examples, ideas, tutorials, and workshops so you can explore the idea of Bible Art Journaling. In my next post, I will share some Bibles specifically designed for this new form of worship, and then I’ll share some of my own examples of Bible Art Journals.

Illustrated Faith

Rebekah R. Jones

Thinking Closet

On Facebook you can find several groups devoted to learning and sharing their Bible Art Journaling as well:

Journaling Bible Community – Illustrated Faith

Documented Faith

If you have trouble finding the groups for some reason, leave me a message and I will help you get connected.  And there are TONS of Instagram users who share their personal expressions of creativity and worship, too!

You do NOT have to make a huge financial investment to participate in any of this!  Your every day Bible, a journal, pencils, and crayons will get you started and do what works for you! This is ultimately about your walk with Jesus and your expression of worship to Him.  (In fact, some people use journals and hymn books rather than a Bible to do their art journaling – more on that to come…)




Coloring Pens, Pencils and Markers

Yesterday I posted about coloring books.  My new hobby! So today, I thought I would share the coloring pens, pencils and markers that I have used and what I think about them.  Awesome coloring pages need awesome coloring tools, right?

The first pack of colored pencils I began using are Crayola pencils.  The kind that I buy for my kids for school.  Nothing wrong with them.  They are affordable and you can buy them almost anywhere.  You have your primary colors and you are good to go!  Crayola Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 12 count (68-4012)

Next, I was looking for colored pencils that would work well inside a bible for the Bible art journaling I wanted to start.   The pencils I eventually settled on are the Prismacolor Premier Colored Woodcase Pencils, 12 Assorted Colors/set . I bought mine at a retail store because I had a coupon and I actually still paid more than the Amazon Prime price (1/9/16)! But they were worth every penny.  These pencils are smooth and work so well, I have used them in my Bible for Inductive Bible Study, too.  I also like the metal tin they come in.

My next set was another gift from my friend, Shelly. She is my enabler Bible-Study-Scrapbook-Essential-Oil-Coloring-Bible-Art-Journaling Compadre-Sister-Friend.  We regularly discuss all aspects of these things and get to see each other pretty often.  So as a treat, not only did she gift me but she gave to my kids and these were pretty awesome!!!  Not surprisingly they are also crayola.   Crayola 18ct Twistables Colored Pencils .  The picture is of the crayons that she gave my kids and they work BEAUTIFULLY in my Bible.  Just BEAUTIFULLY! (Doesn’t have to be expensive to work really well)  The picture is the twistable crayons she gave my kids.

One thing I want to really work on is Hand-Lettering.  This will be mainly for my Bible journaling, but not exclusively.  I actually took a college-level Calligraphy no-credit course because I am so intrigued by not just the words but how they appear in text and script.  I LOVE fonts and if I got into web design, FONTS would be my thang…  So hand lettering kinda falls into that as well.  In order to do it well, you need really good pens.  Artist pens.  Pitt Artist Pens – Wallet Set of All 4 Pen Styles in Black
are an excellent choice. It’s a set of 4 pens in 4 different nib styles. I was really glad I splurged and bought these.  I am learning how to use them well and create some lettering styles.

These pens come in a variety of tip sizes, styles, and colors. I have been using these pens for years. They are kinda like Sharpies before Sharpies got really popular – and I love them. They do bleed through most paper projects I have used them on – but the colors stay true and they have lasted These are good for writing, journaling, adding highlights to text, etc.  These pens are NOT good for children to use. (Ask me how I know.) I have used BOTH of these pens and love them for their individual qualities.

Now this set.  It’s the MotherLoad of colored pens.  TEKwriterUSA Premium Gel Pens, 100 Count pen set.  Oh. My. Word.  And my sweet friend Shelly gave these to me for my birthday!  What I love about them is that they often have more than 1 pen in the same color but different finishes.  1 is regular ink, 1 is glitter ink, and 1 is metallic.  So it makes coloring really fun because you can layer and highlight using the same color.  It is the ULTIMATE in color gel pens.  I read the amazon reviews – and so far the only thing I have had to do is get a tissue and wipe the end of 1 glitter pen to get the ink flowing again.  I am currently coloring the craft-style cover of my Secret Garden coloring book with these pens and it is simply beautiful!  This could easily become a coffee-table book it is so pretty…

So these are my top rated items for Bible art journaling, Scrapbooking, Paper crafting & design, or just coloring.  All the links in this post are my amazon-affiliate links, so if you purchase through my links – I will get a small commission.  If you can find them closer to home – and on sale – I really recommend that you pick them up because they will definitely color your world brighter!

New Hobbies for Moms

Ya know – there are lots of fads in crafts & hobbies for moms that come and go.  Macrame.  Embroidery.  Sewing.  Cross-stitch.  Candlemaking.  Mosaic tiles.  Scrapbooking.  Digital Photography.  Yarn crafts.  Quilting.  and so much more…

Some hobbies are expensive.  Some hobbies are space-consuming.  Some hobbies require a lot of time and energy.  And I have participated in almost everything on the list above at one time or another in my life.  It’s why stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s are always busy…

One of my most recent (and growing) hobbies is COLORING!

Have you SEEN all the new coloring books for adults?  Frankly, the coloring is the first stop on the way to another hobby, Bible Art Journaling, but I will dig into that a little more later on!

I was blessed over my birthday and Christmas with multiple coloring books, markers, and gel pens.  My kids got me 2 coloring books for my birthday – which was totally awesome.  And for Christmas, my mom got me 2 coloring books that I am just having so much fun with.  Oh my goodness.  If you want a nice coloring book, you should definitely check out the “Inky” line of coloring books.  There are clubs and events where people get together to color because it so relaxing.  What a GREAT hobby is made of, right?

This is the one my mom got me Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

And it is AWESOME!!!!

Not only does it have beautifully illustrated pages to which I can add my own doodles, but the cover itself is of Craft-style paper and can be colored.  And the book jacket can be removed and the inside is a complete illustration that can be colored as well!!!  ACK!  I’m in coloring heaven!  The fun part of this book is that there are little objects hidden within the pictures so it’s like a treasure hunt while you are coloring.

My dear friend, Shelly, spoiled me for my birthday & Christmas with among other things, a huge set of gel pens (including metallic, glitter, and neon colors!) and a set of glitter markers.  She & I have been talking about coloring and Bible art journaling for MONTHS and she outdid herself and blessed me in a HUGE way with these things.  She has been buying coloring books and letting me have pages to color and it’s been so much fun.  And truthfully, it IS very relaxing.  My kids can color alongside with me (although I have to be careful because I am very particular about which pages I want to color… lol)

I am going to include a few amazon links below.  I am an Amazon affiliate and if you purchase through these links – I will make a small commission off anything you buy.  But frankly, even if you don’t buy through my links, I want to make these recommendations for you in case you find them at your local store, at some other retailer, or want gift ideas for friends – or if you just want to dip your toes in this colorful rainbow with me!!!

Here are a few of my recommendations:

hobbies coloring book
Enchanted Forest – Inky Quest & Coloring Book
hobbies coloring
Lost Ocean – Inky Adventure & Coloring Book
hobbies faith coloring
Today is Going to be a Great Day – Inspirational coloring book
hobbies faith coloring
Beauty in the Bible – Adult Coloring Book

Along with coloring comes art-journaling, Bible art-journaling and more.  But maybe you just want something simple.  Coloring books might be the answer! You can find ALL kinds of coloring books – some of them can even be framed after coloring.  You can really personalize the designs and when you color with your kids, it can be EXTREMELY relaxing. ( If everybody has their own colors.  And their own pages.  And lots of space so there’s NO touching.  Or maybe you can just color before they get up in the morning…)