Daily Bible Journaling. Sort of.

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So I referenced a new hobby in my last post – and then life got crazy and I didn’t get to do it for a few days.  I was actually participating in it on a daily basis and really enjoying it.  For me, Daily Bible Journaling has been taking less than 10 minutes of my time on a regular basis and if I wanted to embellish it to a larger degree, I can.  That’s where the artsy part comes in.

What I love about this Daily Bible Journaling is that it really focuses on the Scripture.

Well, for ME, it helps me to focus on the Scripture.  There are several places to find a monthly plan and I will include those links below.

I’m also including some pictures so you can get an idea of how simple it can be.  I have seen some really amazing artistic examples in some of my FB groups, so you can get as creative as you would like to be.

Here are the supplies you need:

And that is really all you need.  Where you can get creative is by using colored gel pens (including these on amazon), washi tape, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, primer & paints, and more.

Depending on the type of notebook you select, you can either keep it strictly to writing – or you can use an art journal with heavier paper, to allow for a vast array of artistic expression.

20160213_201058.pngI am finding that I enjoy this particular habit of Daily Bible Journaling because I can use my good study Bible (that I just discovered hidden away last week!) and don’t have to commit to a journaling Bible just yet.  And it really only takes a few minutes.  But the few minutes I spend focusing on writing out the Scriptures is a really beneficial discipline.  For example, I can tell that i have missed a few days of the Daily Bible Journaling this week because I have not been focusing on the Word like I should and my nerves are frayed.

So as I wrap up this post, I’ll be grabbing my new glitter gel pens and writing out today’s passage.

Here’s where you can find suggested Daily Bible Journaling Scriptures:

  • Sweet Blessings – this is the one I am actually using
  • Heidi St John – I love this lady’s blog & podcasts!
  • His Mercy is New – these are printables for praying the Scriptures, but you can obviously use them to journal as well…

20160213_204739.pngThere are other sites as well if you do a google search, but I think these 3 resources are really good ones.

FYI – I used a variety of pens to do mine.  This particular one is done in all glitter ink.  It is quite shimmery and pretty and I liked the outcome.  But you can use a black pen and highlighters to add color and depth if you want.  It is really up to you and your style and preferences.  The MAIN thing is to focus on the MAIN thing:  SCRIPTURE!!!

Catch UP and Another New Hobby for Mom

Catch up is kinda of a life theme for me.  Not because I like falling behind or taking on too much and getting overwhelmed.  Not because I want to put things off or ignore meaningful things in my life.  Not even because of a “new hobby for mom” that has just brightened up my life every day!  My catch up does have something to do with being intentional – something I have yet to master in my life.  It also helps to write down your password to your blog so you can log in and blog at any moment without having to reset it.  Twice.  In the past 2 weeks…


Roy & I have been in a process of working towards some assistance for Curly at school.  Between reviewing her ADHD diagnosis, homework OVERLOAD, assessments, tests, medication changes, and falling grades – it has been rough.  BUT we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and feel like we’re on track to get her the help she needs. Progress is a good thing at this point, so we are very HOPEful!

We have also dealt with the nasty cold virus going around everywhere, a stomach bug, a flat tire, and a car accident.  My husband was rear ended on his way into work last week – totaling his car – is very sore but thankfully was not seriously injured.  So we are down to 1 car for 2 jobs and 3 kids and it has gotten challenging to say the least.  (Don’t get me started on what the other insurance “should” do…)

I started a new Bible study and do feel like the intensity of life hit an all time high (see previous paragraph!) but it is so good.  Priscilla Shirer’s Armor of God Bible study.  Whew!  This is REALLY good stuff!  I love knowing WHY Paul referred to things the way he did in the passage of Ephesians 6, and learning how important it is to DAILY prepare for battle.  Cuz y’all – the battle is ON!  Every day.  Whether we want it to be or not.  More later…


As far as Bible journaling goes, I still have not jumped in fully.  Selecting a Bible is, for me, somewhat like selecting a business partner or life partner. I want a Bible I will use, not just a book to color in.  Frankly, I have been waffling between a really good study bible and a journaling Bible. [amazon affiliate links]  In one of my Bible Journaling Facebook groups, I kept seeing people share pages from “daily scripture writing” challenge.  Various challenges posted online – and they would design their daily pages.  One of the gals in the group started her own FB group for just the daily Scripture writing.  I thought I would try my hand at it, and WOW has it been awesome!  A NEW HOBBY FOR MOM!

Typically, it’s been 3 – 8 verses of Scripture to write out per day.  And honestly, I don’t do much “decorating” – but have found that the writing out of Scripture is an amazing way to spend time in God’s word.  I am LOVING it.  Passages of Scripture I’m really familiar with have taken on different meaning.  Familiar phrases have taken on new life, and some of them have shouted loud into my day.  I am honestly surprised at how much it has begun to affect me and HOW. MUCH. I miss it if I don’t write it out every single day!  If you are interested in joining any of these groups – the Scripture writing or Bible journaling – let me know because I can add you (they are setup as “closed” so you have to get a link and request to join).  So instead of posting journaling pages from my Bible, I will share some of my daily Scripture journaling instead.  (Just a notebook, colored ink pens, colored pencils, and a little washi sometimes…)


Books and Journals – Bible Art Journaling

Because Bible Art Journaling has grown in popularity, book publishers have taken note.  If you go to amazon.com, christianbook, Lifeway and other stores – you will probably find at least one style of Bible designed for Art Journaling.  And if you can’t find a Bible, you will most certainly find a journal!

This is – in part – due to the division over whether or not the art should travel over the margin onto the words on the page. Unlike simple highlighting and coloring, Bible Art Journaling *can* cover the words on the page.  While some people view this as artistic licensure, others see it as completely irreverent.  Personally, I don’t want to hide the words on the page.  I don’t mind coloring or illustrating over them if the text still comes through.  That’s my personal preference. No biggie.

The truth is, publishers have noticed the growing interest and exploration into Bible Art Journaling and decided to lend a helping hand.  YAY FOR US!

One of the first Bibles I remember hearing about and seeing used is the


This is, actually, a redesign of an earlier Journaling Bible, but is one of the most popular versions to date.  A singe column of text with ruled margins are 2 inches wide – similar to a Moleskine notebook – that allow you to take notes as you wish, or create an illustration inspired by a sermon, morning devotion, or Bible study.

Another popular one is the

NIV Journal Edition

It is similar to the ESV one listed previously – but in the NIV text.

You will find – if you start looking for journaling Bibles – that there are very different styles where journaling Bibles are concerned. Some offer the wide side margins with or without lines, like the two mentioned here.  Some offer larger margins across the top or even the bottom.

In fact, there is a new Bible coming with black & white illustrations sprinkled throughout.  It is an NLT version, which is my only hesitation in ordering this one.  I already own a Life Recovery NLT Bible, so I don’t want to invest in another version of that.

And there is another new Bible coming with one page of text and one entirely blank page in each layout.  It is called an Interleaved Edition.  I am really intrigued by this one.  It allows for extreme note taking, as well as illustrating and lettering.

For me, whichever Bible I choose (because I have not yet been able to make up my mind and commit to making the investment), I want it to be a Bible I can take to church with me and use every day – not just for a creative form of worship.

Until I can make that commitment, I am using the small margins of my current Bible or a moleskine notebook to do my illustrations and then I use washi tape to attach it to the page in my Bible with the corresponding Scripture.  (You can use any notebook you’d like – moleskine notebooks have faint lines, thicker paper and perforated edges, so I prefer them!)

My sketchings & letterings are rudimentary at best, but I will share what I have done in a post to come!  There are many techniques that a lot of different people use and that is what makes this so appealing to me.  This can absolutely be customized to MY likes and MY skills & bents – and MY walk with God.  Everything from a notebook journal with Bible study notes to incredible art-scapes in someone’s Bible.  What an amazing opportunity to grow in the Lord and use gifts and skills to honor HIm!

Bible Art Journaling – Creativity and Worship

Bible Art Journaling - using colored pencils and a quick sketch
Scripture Journaling – using colored pencils and a quick sketch

Bible Art Journaling takes mom’s new hobby – coloring – and takes it up to a higher level.  While coloring is relaxing and stress-relieving, Bible Art Journaling uses coloring – along with sketching, tracing, designing, and lettering – and allows you to embrace your creativity and worship the Lord at the same time.

Bible Art Journaling

I have always been one to highlight, underscore, and make notes in the pages of Scripture. (In fact, I have my grandmother’s Bible which has her tiny handwriting sprinkled throughout.)  While I do not think the Bible is just another coloring book, I know that my walk of faith is enhanced when I interact with Scripture and allow it to interact with me.  Color – helps me remember, categorize, and organize and brings a different feel to my study of God’s Word.  I really looked at Scripture differently after I started an Inductive Bible study.

While I am no artist – I can’t really draw or sketch – I am fascinated by the process of hand lettering.  The solemnity and ritual by which scribes re-recorded the Word of God reflected their honor for His Word.  (Click the link to read the Judaism section of Wikipedia for more details!)  And then there are original texts which reveal the most beautiful, delicate, ornate lettering which really adds a rich beauty to the words themselves.

Art Journaling hearkens back to the time when the actual writing of the Word was as personally affecting as reading it.

So maybe you have art supplies sitting in a storage bin collecting dust.  Maybe you enjoy scrapbooking, calligraphy, writing, reading, or coloring.  Maybe you want to try your hand at something new.  Bible Art Journaling may be for you.

I am going to share a few links to websites and blogs which offer more information about Bible Art Journaling.  You will find examples, ideas, tutorials, and workshops so you can explore the idea of Bible Art Journaling. In my next post, I will share some Bibles specifically designed for this new form of worship, and then I’ll share some of my own examples of Bible Art Journals.

Illustrated Faith

Rebekah R. Jones

Thinking Closet

On Facebook you can find several groups devoted to learning and sharing their Bible Art Journaling as well:

Journaling Bible Community – Illustrated Faith

Documented Faith

If you have trouble finding the groups for some reason, leave me a message and I will help you get connected.  And there are TONS of Instagram users who share their personal expressions of creativity and worship, too!

You do NOT have to make a huge financial investment to participate in any of this!  Your every day Bible, a journal, pencils, and crayons will get you started and do what works for you! This is ultimately about your walk with Jesus and your expression of worship to Him.  (In fact, some people use journals and hymn books rather than a Bible to do their art journaling – more on that to come…)




Coloring Pens, Pencils and Markers

Yesterday I posted about coloring books.  My new hobby! So today, I thought I would share the coloring pens, pencils and markers that I have used and what I think about them.  Awesome coloring pages need awesome coloring tools, right?

The first pack of colored pencils I began using are Crayola pencils.  The kind that I buy for my kids for school.  Nothing wrong with them.  They are affordable and you can buy them almost anywhere.  You have your primary colors and you are good to go!  Crayola Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 12 count (68-4012)

Next, I was looking for colored pencils that would work well inside a bible for the Bible art journaling I wanted to start.   The pencils I eventually settled on are the Prismacolor Premier Colored Woodcase Pencils, 12 Assorted Colors/set . I bought mine at a retail store because I had a coupon and I actually still paid more than the Amazon Prime price (1/9/16)! But they were worth every penny.  These pencils are smooth and work so well, I have used them in my Bible for Inductive Bible Study, too.  I also like the metal tin they come in.

My next set was another gift from my friend, Shelly. She is my enabler Bible-Study-Scrapbook-Essential-Oil-Coloring-Bible-Art-Journaling Compadre-Sister-Friend.  We regularly discuss all aspects of these things and get to see each other pretty often.  So as a treat, not only did she gift me but she gave to my kids and these were pretty awesome!!!  Not surprisingly they are also crayola.   Crayola 18ct Twistables Colored Pencils .  The picture is of the crayons that she gave my kids and they work BEAUTIFULLY in my Bible.  Just BEAUTIFULLY! (Doesn’t have to be expensive to work really well)  The picture is the twistable crayons she gave my kids.

One thing I want to really work on is Hand-Lettering.  This will be mainly for my Bible journaling, but not exclusively.  I actually took a college-level Calligraphy no-credit course because I am so intrigued by not just the words but how they appear in text and script.  I LOVE fonts and if I got into web design, FONTS would be my thang…  So hand lettering kinda falls into that as well.  In order to do it well, you need really good pens.  Artist pens.  Pitt Artist Pens – Wallet Set of All 4 Pen Styles in Black
are an excellent choice. It’s a set of 4 pens in 4 different nib styles. I was really glad I splurged and bought these.  I am learning how to use them well and create some lettering styles.

These pens come in a variety of tip sizes, styles, and colors. I have been using these pens for years. They are kinda like Sharpies before Sharpies got really popular – and I love them. They do bleed through most paper projects I have used them on – but the colors stay true and they have lasted for.ev.er. These are good for writing, journaling, adding highlights to text, etc.  These pens are NOT good for children to use. (Ask me how I know.) I have used BOTH of these pens and love them for their individual qualities.

Now this set.  It’s the MotherLoad of colored pens.  TEKwriterUSA Premium Gel Pens, 100 Count pen set.  Oh. My. Word.  And my sweet friend Shelly gave these to me for my birthday!  What I love about them is that they often have more than 1 pen in the same color but different finishes.  1 is regular ink, 1 is glitter ink, and 1 is metallic.  So it makes coloring really fun because you can layer and highlight using the same color.  It is the ULTIMATE in color gel pens.  I read the amazon reviews – and so far the only thing I have had to do is get a tissue and wipe the end of 1 glitter pen to get the ink flowing again.  I am currently coloring the craft-style cover of my Secret Garden coloring book with these pens and it is simply beautiful!  This could easily become a coffee-table book it is so pretty…

So these are my top rated items for Bible art journaling, Scrapbooking, Paper crafting & design, or just coloring.  All the links in this post are my amazon-affiliate links, so if you purchase through my links – I will get a small commission.  If you can find them closer to home – and on sale – I really recommend that you pick them up because they will definitely color your world brighter!