Making Headway

So far, being home is really awesome.  Despite the Hoover-dam-like constipation or the exploding volcanic diapers, the 3:00 am  “Mommy – I waked up!”, the NO NAPS FOR MOMMY war, the 3 foot garter snake in my garden (WHICH, by the way my husband Roy scooped up into a butterfly net and transferred to a pillow case like a pro on TV!!!), more dishes washed than I can count on a daily basis – I LOVE BEING A STAY AT HOME MOM!!! Yeah – it’s scary and we’re still in flux.  Schedules are adjusting, roles are adjusting, sleep schedules are adjusting – It’s a TOUGH JOB to be a full time mommy, and I’ve had days that I have NOT felt fit for the job…  Thank GOD for Mamaw who will take the girls for a few hours a day 3-4 days a week so we can all relax a bit and settle in.  Thank GOD Roy’s job is fairly close and we’ve been able to have lunch together and spend a day at the zoo and plan another day at Kingwood Center together. I certainly did NOT glamorize this “job” before I quit my  full time job – I expected the bumps and adjustments and struggles.  I have only ever RARELY wished I could run away to a full time job somewhere else, but then I regain my sanity and shake it off and thank GOD that I’m home. Tater is almost walking at not-quite-10-months – she pushes small furniture to get herself around.  She’s figured out how to stick 1 finger up her nose (this is handy for future blackmailing purposes); she wants to feed herself;  one of her first words (besides the obvious Mama & Dada) is her sister’s name; she has practically mastered the stairs (argh!!!); she has NO fear of animals and wants to kiss each one she sees – YOU know, the open mouth, tongue sticking out kinda kiss…  Yes, I now keep hand sanitizer and wound ointment in my purse at all times… Curly – oh my word – this girl is a CHARACTER.  She loves to dress up; put on mommy’s makeup (with or without permission); sing “The B-I-B-L-E” (“The B-I-B” is as far as she gets); get herself dressed “do it myseff”;  and she says the craziest things.  I keep hearing that she reminds others who know me well of myself – Yes, little Princess Queenbee is coming right along… “Curly – do you need to go potty?” “No thanks – I just fine.” At 10:00 am one morning last week, she sighs a big sigh and says, “ahhh – it’s long day – i miss Mamaw.”  Roy’s job is in flux, too.  He’s being offered 2 very tempting jobs and is trying to figure out which one to go with.  Each has some obvious pros & cons.  As long as he’s a) HAPPY and b) Home to us at a reasonable time each night – I will be happy with whichever he chooses. I have been busy going through some closets, drawers, etc.  Laundry is a fun project, but I’m getting a routine.  Who knew laundry required a routine???  It’s been nice being home and lounging in pajamas some days; and I’ve had those days where I just had to dress up and put makeup on and go out to talk to adults.  I much prefer my real job to any other paid job.  Don’t get me wrong – if I got paid for what I do, even Roy could quit his job – but we all know how it goes.  I think my heart is softening a bit (?) and finding satisfaction in actually taking care of my family, despite the much despised and often criticized role of servant-Mother.  Yeah – I’m struggling with it, but also learning to really enjoy being able to take care of my family in really simple ways.  I have a lot of work to do in this area of my attitude – just ask Roy.  But I’m making headway…


I’ve found some really amazing blogs listed on other mommy blogs and the most recent ones had a running theme of adoption. One mommy who just adopted, and one who is waiting for a birthmom to deliver her baby. When you have time – check out some of the blog links to the right – there are some amazing, funny, spunky, witty, creative women out there, and I love that I get a peek into the realm of other Queen Mommies. Continue reading “Adoption”

Notes from the Queen Mother

I love Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving was really wonderful because I had extra time with the King and our two lovely Princesses.

Princess CaaLalla is growing up way too quickly. She is such a bright, empathetic, loving, funny child – I’m in awe that she came through me. She “lubs” her baby sister so much and will stroke her cheek and say, “Awww, cute!” She has even started helping (offering to) take dishes to the sink after dinner is over. Where the heck did she learn that? She will also take your “order” with a notepad & pencil, pretending to be a waitress, and always asks first if you want “cole slaw” because that is HER favorite thing to order. She begs me to “Play, Mommy” and lays on the floor so I will tickle her or blow Zrbbtts on her belly. Every morning she wakes up with a “busted wig” as her daddy calls it, and even though taming her curls is not her favorite thing, she does love to wear dresses, ” ‘ipstick” and pretty shoes. Her current request for Christmas: a dress. Anything else? Shoes. My girly girl… Continue reading “Notes from the Queen Mother”