Facebook & Faithbooking

Two totally different things – neither have anything to do with each other – and if I wanted to be “poetic” I’d wait to post this tomorrow so I could continue with the “F” theme. But life being what it is, I am not gonna wait!


If you are not familiar with Facebook (except for the stories about people being in online social networking sites and getting taken advantage of), I would recommend checking it out.
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The Refiner’s Fire

If you are familiar with Steve Green, you may be familiar with the song, The Refiner’s Fire. I remember hearing it in college, and have often remembered it at critical points in my life.

It references the heat and fire used to refine gold and bring it to its purest gold-refiningform. As the heat melts the gold, impurities float to the top, and the dense gold metal sinks to the bottom, so that when it is poured out, the slag is left behind and the liquid metal can then be poured into the mold to be shaped. Continue reading “The Refiner’s Fire”

Be Kind in 2009

So my goal – my commitment – my resolution for the year is to BE KIND IN 2009.

It is something I will have to practice – A LOT – and something that challenges me. I am not “kind” by nature. I tend to be more pointed, harsh – even mean.

I must be kind to myself. Give myself “a break” even if I don’t think I deserve it – paint my toenails with glittery polish, soak in the bathtub with a favorite book or magazine (til I’m pruney!) when I should could be doing chores, enjoying every sip of my still-HOT tea while my girls empty their toy box all over the living room knowing it can be cleaned up. I must take care of myself – make better food choices, move more, take my vitamins, get my rest instead of striving (and failing) to have a spotless house. When I’m not kind to myself, it’s much harder for me to be kind to others. Continue reading “Be Kind in 2009”

CPR. It’s for everyone.

Earlier this week, Curly was given some antibiotics – she got strep throat. She handled it all pretty well and is getting down her pretty gross medicine and recovering nicely. Georgie’s test came back negative (Thank you, Lord), and we decided to have our annual cookie baking day with cousins yesterday.

It was fun – the kids were wound and loaded with sugar after about 5 minutes – but we got the cookies decorated – pictures are forthcoming. We spent most of the day at Queen Mamaw’s and had a really nice time! It snowed most of the day – and it was bitterly cold – so it was nice to park the van in our garage and empty everything right into the house. Curly, however, ran outside and played in the snow for a minute – carried her hands full of snow to the door – where she reluctantly dropped it onto the garage floor rather than bringing it into the house (cuz the Queen Mommy is a killjoy)… Continue reading “CPR. It’s for everyone.”