Change is Good

I am NOT always happy when Change comes rolling around. I like to MAKE plans and KEEP plans… But one thing I’ve learned this past year – in a new way – is that CHANGE IS GOOD. We’ve had a LOT of changes to deal with – and we did not always respond well, but as the year wore on, the changes that came were viewed differently.

There’s something about putting your trust in a Sovereign God, isn’t there? It’s not that I never question circumstances or events. No – I’m one of the first ones in line going –

Um, Hey God? What Gives?

But my tone has changed over this past year. I still ask “What Gives?” but in a less demanding way. That’s a hard lesson to learn, let me tell you.

I like knowing “WHY?”.

And even with a Sovereign God, we don’t always GET the answer to the “why?” question. But knowing He is THERE makes a whole world of difference than shouting out a “Hey God – What’s going on?” and getting crickets in response…

While I do hope for easier times in 2012 – and I DO hope for that for my family – I know that the change God has wrought in me in 2011 is helping me trust Him more.

And that change is VERY good!

One thought on “Change is Good

  1. Marsha *Nana* Baker says:

    Yes Ma’m….that IS very good…we are all a work in progress. It’s so good to look back and see that we’ve grown in the Lord and are fully trusting Him for all that lies ahead. Sweet Blessings to you and yours in the new year! XO

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