Christmas Planning Ebook & Printables

You know – the truth of the matter is this: December is just another month in our 12 month calendar. It’s true! So maybe you have to clean your home more often, and maybe you see your family more than you normally would. But really – it’s just another month. Right?

Okay – you can SAY that as many times as you want, but maybe you still feel panicky and breathless at the prospect of all the baking & cooking, menus & schedules, parties and programs that are on your December calendar.


It’s really easy to get a handle on your Christmas planning and stay on top of all of the things on YOUR wish list with this WONDERFUL Christmas Planning eBook & Printables! And it’s F*R*E*E!!! (I love finding this stuff online!!!)

I like the fact that you can download and print all of the printables, or just the select forms you might use. Of COURSE Martha Stewart has a Christmas Planner to offer, and I couldn’t leave her out, could I? It is also F*ree and may be more to your liking than the other.

Organized Home also has some printable Christmas planning forms with festive decor and simple formats.

You can always mix and match your forms – print them out – and use a file folder or small 3 ring binder to keep everything at your fingertips! Have fun planning!