Coffee Friday – Just in Time!

Well, I’ll tell ya – I appreciate coffee A LOT this morning. I was up 1x an hour almost every hour last night. Just one of those nights. It stormed a little – we had a “visitor” from the peanut gallery – and a variety of other things kept waking me up. ACK! So, with blurry eyes and a steaming cup, I’m typing away this morning…

I was WIDE AWAKE at 3:30 am yesterday morning, so it made for a long day. I got a second wind in the afternoon and actually accomplished some things – so that was good. Laundry just seems to be taking over – and I feel like I’m washing the same clothes 3x a week. Especially Georgie. She’s about got the POTTY training thing down, but every time she goes successfully, she wants a new pair of panties. lol. I’m gonna have to ration them out, I think…

We had a tornado watch for hours yesterday – after sirens went off a few times the other night. But it wasnt until the middle of the night that the rain finally fell and cooled things off nicely. NOT a big fan of tornadoes – that’s for sure – but the rain really helped with the humidity that had been building.

And today I have my first mammogram – the baseline. Every time I was serious about getting one scheduled, I was either pregnant or nursing. And now, I’m just biting the bullet.

I haven’t tackled any Small Things this week, but I decided to keep my weekly task chart on the refrigerator.

A – I can’t lose it.
B – it means my husband and other people can see it, so I feel a little bit more accountability.
C – it really helped me do more than I expected, so it was a good decision.

I had been keeping it in my Homekeeper Notebook and that worked well, except the public display reminds me in a bigger way. I really like the format and content of the Weekly Home Journal from Graceworks Purpose Planners.

Well, I’m hearing rumbles of thunder this morning and its time to get Curly up and ready for school. Oh yeah, the doppler radar is all yellow and orange and moving our way, so I’m gonna sign off and drink my coffee. I plan to take a NAP today with the girls to keep the zombie in me at bay, and that will be a GOOD thing today!

Have a pleasant weekend! Be sure to visit the other Company Girls today and through the weekend!

5 thoughts on “Coffee Friday – Just in Time!

  1. Diane says:

    Oh my – I’m tired just reading about being up that much! A nap with the girls sounds like a perfect solution.

    The annual squish isn’t really all that bad; I think we make it worse because people continually talk about how bad it is…small price to pay for peace of mind.
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..Company Girls Coffee 051410 =-.

  2. Marie says:

    Hope the mammogram went well….some women it doesn’t seem to bother and others have a difficult time..I seem to fall into the latter…I blame it all on being too small! Anyways, hope you got some rest and your weather calms down!
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..Two Men… =-.

  3. Stephenie says:

    I completely understand what you wrote about needing to take a nap to keep the zombie in you at bay. When my kids were toddlers/preschoolers we used to ask, “Did you swallow a grumpy bug today?” It was something I said one time and the kids loved it, so it continued.
    .-= Stephenie´s last blog ..One Month Later… =-.

  4. LydiaCate says:

    I hope you’ve been able to catch up on your sleep. Being up too early or too many times is no fun. I’ve been dealing with sleep issues lately. If I wasn’t expecting I believe drugs would be in order. We mommies need our sleep!! But you’re right a good cup of coffee does wonders!
    The mammogram yes had my baseline done last year 🙂 I can think of a bunch of things to say regarding the mammogram, however I will keep them to myself this a.m. (I haven’t had my coffee yet)
    Have a blessed week full of sleep!

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