Confessions of a Food Network Addict

I’ve been watching Food Network for well, forever! Honestly, I love good food. I love making it (really, I do). I love eating it. I love talking about it. And I love watching other people – who love good food – making it.

Right now, I’m watching (and recording) the Food Network special Throwdown with Bobby Flay – where Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, challenged Bobby to a Thanksgiving Day Throwdown.


A. I love Bobby Flay. I have loved Bobby’s cooking since I started watching Food Network. The first show I watched was a sort of fun cooking show with friends – and I was hooked. He was fun to watch – passionate about food and grilling – and I learned from him.

B. I love The Pioneer Woman. Okay – in my fantasy world, I’m good friends with her and we sit chatting about our kids over coffee, watching our men herd cattle (cuz my hubby would do that in his fantasy life…). In real life, I just enjoy reading her blog, watching her on Food Network and her recipes.

C. I really enjoy the Throwdown with Bobby Flay show. It’s fun to see experts cook their favorite food and see Bobby’s twist on it.

So, I felt like I needed to confess. I’ve got dishes in the sink to wash. A load of laundry in the washer that should have gone into the dryer YESTERDAY. I can see dust bunnies floating around in the sunlight filtering into my living room. But I am RELISHING my Saturday morning Food Network Addiction…

Do you like The Food Network? Do you enjoy cooking? Do you like the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, or do you like to try something new once in awhile?

One thought on “Confessions of a Food Network Addict

  1. Marsha *Nana* Baker says:

    Oh yeh…you’re your mama’s daughter for sure! =D I have Food Network on, even when I can’t sit down and watch tv, cause I might just catch a new idea or recipe. Fun stuff huh? Glad you get to soak in those fun shows and terrific cooks too.

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