Cuppa Love…

coffeerosepetals Do you have plans for Valentines Day? Do you ever make plans? Does your hubby (or wife) do the planning? Is it that big of deal to you?

With the snow we’ve had this week and reshuffling of appointments and schedules every day – I haven’t really thought about Valentines Day a whole lot. Believe it or not, I don’t want chocolate.

What I really want is TIME with Roy.

It shouldn’t take a commercialized holiday to think about it – and it doesn’t – it just provides a reasonable excuse for having an hour or two (or more) for JUST the TWO of US.

I look forward to the rare opportunities to spend time with Roy. Not watching TV. Not discussing kids or bills. Not running errands. Just that leisurely time that used to come so easily before our schedules and lives became so full.

There are SO MANY THINGS that fight to enter the dominion of marriage. It DOES take a lot of WORK to keep a marriage healthy and thriving. It’s not necessarily “Work” to spend time together (although sometimes, maybe it feels that way) but it takes WORK to stay focused and keep priorities where they are.

It’s very easy for me to forget that Roy asked me to fix him a bagel, when there are two persistent little voices loudly clamoring for my attention. Or help finding their cup. Or that little horse figurine – of which we can find all but the one they want. Or their sister just hit them (NOT that my girls ever do that…)

This weekend, I hope to share a CUPPA LOVE with Roy for even just an hour or two – a little coffee shop or cafe where we can sit together. Maybe we won’t stare starry eyed at one another for 2 hours. Maybe we’ll hold hands for only 5 minutes. Maybe he’ll read the paper and I’ll add to my “list” for the day. Either way, just having time ALONE together for awhile – being near each other without all the clamor and chaos of every day – sounds like a great way to celebrate Valentines Day to me…

And yes, I’ll even eat chocolate from one of those big red hearts if I have the chance…