Curly’s Day

Today is Curly’s graduation from Prekindergarten.

I started blogging in the first place because of her. Friends & family would request updates or pictures – wanting to know how she (and we) were doing. And although I’d never done it before, I launched my first blog to share her life – and my new journey as a mom – with them.

Several years later, and I’ll be watching Curly (in cap and gown) “graduate” and share her program with us tonight. We are so excited and thrilled for her.

She is really growing up – and coming to understand the life of Jesus and learning about God’s gift to us and our need for a Saviour. It is PRECIOUS to be a mother and watch the “dawning” of her spiritual hunger for God. We talk about our need to be obedient to God, and how I struggle to be obedient, too. We are teaching her about God’s command for children to be obedient to their parents, and the promise of a long life for those who learn it.

She is also learning about the enemy of God, and has been heard to say (usually while crying), “I don’t want to listen to Satan, mom. I want to listen to God.” YES!

She is learning to pray and ask for things on her heart. The two most recent (regular) prayer requests being 1) A new house, and 2) a new baby.

She was asking for twins – twin boys in fact – but lately, she’s been asking about just one baby brother. After my miscarriage last November, I wondered if she was just having difficulty processing our loss – and if she was confused about my being pregnant. She’s been telling EVERYBODY and their BROTHER that I’m pregnant – school teachers, Sunday school teachers, strangers who come to our door…

I am not. Not yet.

But she continues to pray.

In fact, the other night, I shared with several ladies how Curly has been praying for a baby, and I’ve waffled between wanting to encourage her to pray and trust God, while wanting to teach her that we also need to learn to be content with what God gives us. Roy & I have told her that we have to ask God for these things, and that is what she is doing.

So after sharing the story with the ladies at dinner, I dreamt that night (of course) that I was pregnant. And while Curly was eating breakfast the next morning, she asked:

Mom, are you pregnant yet? With Baby Henry?

Now “Henry” is a name we tossed around, one among a list of other names – and we haven’t talked about baby names for quite awhile. So for her to say that – well, we told her we can ask God for our requests and leave it for Him to decide.

So, while I will continue to encourage her to pray and talk to God, I’m not going to squash her requests. Only God knows what is in store for us, and should He choose to bless us with another child – great. And if not, Great. Curly will learn that she can still go to our God with the things on her heart – and learn to trust Him for what’s BEST in her life, whatever God’s answers to her prayer.

God honors faith “like a child” and whether or not His answer will be “yes” to her requests – cultivating her heart for the Lord is a real honor and privilege.