Customizing Freezer Meals To Your Family’s Taste

Freezer cooking is a great way to fix meals that everyone in your family loves. Knowing what your family enjoys, you can plan meals ahead of time and freeze them to please your family any night of the week. With the convenience of freezer cooking, you can even have your family help out with the assembling process.

If your family is big on tacos, then you can season ground beef with your favorite taco seasoning, cook some for tonight’s meal and freeze the rest for another day. She can help you by bagging the meat and labeling it. Or if she is old enough, she can cook the tacos that you are planning for the same day while you package and store. You can even make homemade tortilla shells, freeze them, and have them ready for anytime you want to prepare a quick Mexican meal.

Maybe your husband is a stew man. Just brown some stew meat, package it up, label, and store. Simple! The stew meat will only have to be thawed out and added to the stewed vegetables you froze last month. He is happy and so are you because you prepared ahead of time. You can even make the stew ahead of time, put it in freezer safe bowls and when he is ready he can just take it out of the freezer and pop it into the microwave.

If you enjoy grilled chicken breast, you can prepare marinate, place the chicken breast in it, and freeze it. On a warm day when you want to grill you will have you favorite marinated meat waiting in the freezer to be thawed out. You can add some corm on the cob and a can of baked beans for a complete meal.

There are so many ways to customize freezer meals for your family. You just have to know what your family needs.

You can also customize according to the family schedule. If you know that little Billy is going to have a week long football tournament, then you should plan your meals for the month accordingly. Prepare meals for the freezer that won’t take long to make and can be cooked in a microwave. Foods like soups and chili some to mind. That taco meat you froze will make a quick meal too.

No matter what your family’s preferences or schedule are you can incorporate freezer cooking into your meal planning efforts. Organize, plan, and manage your freezer cooking time effectively and everyone in the house will be happy when it is time to come to the table for dinner.

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