Diet, Schmiet! Let’s Check the Color Wheel!

So yeah, Roy and I had just decided to join Weight Watchers and I was going to kinda blog about my progress here.

Baby changes everything…

So instead, I’ll share some of my pregnancy (but not all of it and will warn you with “TMI” if I’m getting ready to share anything too graphic).

TMI = Too Much Information

Because of my history of preterm labor and gestational diabetes, my diet and activity level are still going to be something I need to pay attention to closely. I’m going to talk about some of what I’m learning – dealing with – struggling with here and hope to get some input and feedback from all of you and how you managed your food cravings and eating habits and activity levels while you were pregnant. I’m always up for advice and input, along with the medical supervision (although I’m inclined to be a little hesitant to trust anyone that labels me “Advanced Maternal Age.” lol)

So, one thing I am changing is I will be eating one serving of orange or yellow vegetable or fruit every day. This was recommended to me in some information I received from a local Bradley instructor.

Orange or yellow fruits and vegetables are high in beta carotene, other nutrients, and Vitamin C! They actually help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure – but I think their main benefit is that they promote collagen promotion and formation of bone.

Good for baby who needs calcium and nutrients required to build and grow their necessary body structures.

Good for mom – whose calcium levels are actually depleted if baby doesn’t get enough calcium through mom’s nutritional intake.

So along with the quart of milk I’ll be drinking every day – I’ll be munching on carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkin, oranges, and yellow apples. These are all foods I love anyway, so it’s just something I get to do differently.

You can find more information about the color of fruits and vegetables and their nutritional content at Color Wheel of Fruits and Vegetables. This is good information for EVERYONE – pregnant or not!

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