Do you Know your Calling, Mighty Woman of Valor?

Yes, you! I’m talking to YOU! Don’t duck down behind that coffee mug or magazine! I can see you right there. And so can my Father. Do you know that you are called to be a MIGHTY WOMAN OF VALOR?

Uh-huh, that’s right, girlfriend!


Know how I know that?

Proverbs 31.

Mmmm-hmmmm – that chapter that has always seemed COMPLETELY UNATTAINABLE and UNREALISTIC and IMPOSSIBLE.

The Hebrew translation for “virtuous woman” literally means:

Woman of Virtue/Woman of Valor.

Yeah, that’s right.

You are a WARRIOR WOMAN for God. You are EQUIPPED and CALLED to stand for your marriage, for your family, for your home.

Know why Proverbs 31 is so intimidating to so many women? Cuz our enemy knows the truth of the words in this beautiful acrostic poem that is still sung to Jewish wives and mothers to this day to honor their place in the family.

our enemy is AFRAID of the Power that stands waiting to move at our request and appeal to our Father.

The Proverbs 31 woman is not some meek little doormat – No, she is not. She is also NOT entirely unattainable and impossible to become. She is a MIGHTY WARRIOR OF GOD who has been called to stand on the front lines to face the enemy of our souls. that enemy who wants to destroy your marriage. obliterate your inheritance and your children’s inheritance from the face of the earth.

to steal, kill, and destroy.

And if you are standing upon your faith in God in the midst of what some call “menial” tasks, the enemy trembles when you pray.

yep – that immortal enemy who whispers lies of DISCONTENT for your place in your marriage or home – he cringes when you call on the NAME OF THE LORD. He tells you that your worth is found in the endless loads of laundry you wash and the innumerable piles of dirty dishes you repeatedly clean.

Servant’s work, right?

he speaks to your soul and twists the truth of the Lord. While the responsibilities of the house and home fall mainly on the shoulders of the wife – God did not entrust the precious care of your home & family to just ANYONE, to just some servant, and the work He calls us to does NOT lie solely in the chores we accomplish.

This work was given to the woman, so that she, as she tends her daily responsibilities of house & home, can establish a boundary of FAITH and HOLINESS for His Kingdom.

As we wash dishes, we can pray for the family members who used them.

As we scrub stains out of our children’s clothes, we can pray for their spiritual protection, salvation and preservation.

As we prepare our husband’s work clothes or fix his favorite meal, we can pray that the Holy Spirit will move in his life and continue the work He has begun (or pray for His work to begin!)

Your work at home – YOUR CALLING – is not limited to or valued by the monumental tasks required to maintain house & family – by the chores you accomplish or need to accomplish.

Your value is indispensible – irreplaceable – and marked by your calling to be A MIGHTY WOMAN OF VALOR for His Kingdom…

It is hard, sometimes monotonous work – that’s why He called women to the task. It requires a heart for the Lord, not just for husband and family. It requires a willingness to submit to the menial tasks in order to fight the raging battle for our homes and families in the spiritual realm.

Be WHO you are CALLED to be: A Mighty Woman of Valor.

more to come…

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  1. Darlene T. says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! My word for last year was ‘Valor’. I wrote a blog about it awhile back. Also, my last post was about about who I am. Not who I say I am, but who Christ says I am. This post is so timely!

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