Does Daylight Savings Time Affect Your Family?

Does Daylight Savings Time throw you for a loop? does your body get out of whack – your kids wake up (or maybe NOT want to wake up) differently – does it take time for you to adjust to the time change?

It does me. I can’t seem to get enough sleep. My sense of time totally changes. Honestly, sometimes, I think I’ve been living in Daylight Savings Time for the last two years!

Little Man celebrated his 1st birthday and did his birthday cake justice. Do I HAVE pictures to post here? Sure. Are they loaded onto my computer? Not yet… As of this week, he is bravely taking more & more steps unassisted, so pretty soon, I’ll be running around after him instead of just walking…

All of us – every. single. one. of us got a nasty phleghmy-coughing sickness that knocked us all for a loop. Roy & I were sick – together – the weekend of Little Man’s party, and still have a lingering cough. The girls fared better, but now Little Man is sounding raspy and coughing some. We’ve had a humidifier going almost non-stop, have had more cough & throat lozenges than is probably legal, and have had more hot tea & honey than I did last year. So we are on our way to getting better, but it really got rough there for awhile.

I just completed my Abnormal Psychology class and will end up with at least a High “B”. My algebra class is halfway over – and I’m squeaking by with a “C”. It’s spring break this week, so I’m going to try to put in some extra time and work my grade back up – next week a Life Coaching class starts (which sounds like FUN to me!)

The girls are signed up for T-ball, so open gym started a couple of Sundays ago. Just kinda getting them ready for getting onto teams and starting practice. when the time comes, they don’t always want to go, but once they get there – they are doing really well. It’s fun to watch them interact and work on their skills. Curly has a really great swing – and Georgie seems to swing better left-handed. Go figure.

We are getting rid of cable (Hallelujah!) soon, and I’m looking forward to that. My mother in law spent several hours in our basement – mostly when we were sick – and got a lot of junk thrown out. Roy’s uncle is going to haul it off tomorrow and then we can move some things into the garage for storage and really have a new living area.

We have several new family members! The guinea pig mama had 4 (yes, FOUR!) babies. That was a surprise – we were not expecting that many. They are terribly cute and Georgie wants to keep every single one of them. sigh.

Add to that our newest “science 4H project” – hatching 3 dozen Buff Orpington eggs in an incubator. Yes, that’s right – 3 DOZEN! The hatching rate, and then the survival rate is not supposed to be that big. We’d honestly like to keep 3-6 chickens for eggs, projects, pets – and the rest can go back to the original owners, or others we know who might like some laying/meat hens.

I will have pictures – AND – I will get them posted. I have a bunch of pics on my phone and haven’t transferred them to the computer – so that’s another picture project to post.

This summer, as one of my final college courses, I am required to serve a 250-hour internship where I can observe human behavior. (I know – I could do this just about anywhere…) I’m trying to get in touch with 2 local pregnancy counseling centers and pray that I can get set up with them. I’d even be willing to serve time between the two! It’s an exciting prospect and I’m just trusting that it will all fall into place as it should. This summer should be my LAST semester – 3 courses including the internship – and I’m PRAYING to get through it with all passing grades!

I have a coffee review coming up soon – and the giveaway I referenced last week! Keep your eyes open so you don’t miss out!

2 thoughts on “Does Daylight Savings Time Affect Your Family?

  1. Marsha *Nana* Baker says:

    I’m all out of breath reading your post Sweetie! huff puff You are a busy busy mom with lots going on around you. Will look forward to the coffee review…and sharing a few cups with you before the week is over. ;-} One day at a time…trust you are feeling better each day.

  2. Marsha *Nana* Baker says:

    P.S. – VERY excited about the opportunities to work with the pregnancy centers. We just had a speaker at church yesterday who is the head of the pregnancy center locally. What an awesome ministry and outreach!! You have MUCH to share with them…..praying about that one!

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