Exciting Announcement and Farm Updates

Y’all know that I’m exaggerating when I say “farm” right?  I laugh when I type it because we sit on just over an acre of land, and most of it happens to be yard.  We have 2 outbuildings (a shed, and the “cottage”) and a 3rd going up – our first chicken coop.

Farm Updates

The coop is going up slowly but surely – and the chickens are READY to get out into it.  Or at least, we’re ready for them to get out.  We have more than one cockerel and they are starting to crow.  For being so little, they are really comical!  We are ready for them to get out into their own house!  Right now we have 13 chickens – with 2-3 roosters.  This will be problematic eventually, but we’ll be working on that when it becomes important.  The coop has most of the walls up, the roof, and a window installed, so it’s getting there!

The clothesline is our saving grace right now!  The dryer problem is inside the dryer, and I’ve been asked to NOT mess with it. lol.  Having more sunny days and time to do the laundry has required some flexibility and planning ahead, but it’s been getting better!  And the dryer works on “fluff” only, so taking the clothes off the line and tossing them into the fluff cycle really makes them soft.  LIVE AND LEARN, right?  At some point we’ll tackle the dryer repair, but for now it will have to wait.


So maybe you’ve already seen this – but I’m going to tell you why I am so excited about making said announcement.

Let me just tell you that I bought the previous ultimate homemaking bundle offered last fall.  It was a big deal to spend that kind of money on ebooks and audio files, but God blessed me with an extra windfall, and I jumped on it.  I downloaded the files and started looking at what I bought.

Frankly, there were books I deleted.  I didn’t need anything about childbirth or breastfeeding.  BUT, the books I kept were still practical and lovely.  Gluten Free cooking & recipes;  Meal planning & Saving Money.  Marriage.  Motherhood.  Planner pages.  Simple Living books.  And much more!  Not only that, I did some checking into the special deals and was able to really take advantage of some spectacular deals which were worth every penny I spent.

So why am I so excited?  Because this new Ultimate Homemaking Bundle contains

As a matter of fact, just last week, I printed one of the books about menus & meal planning. The book was a list of menu ideas with links to recipes. I was able to mark out some menu plans to incorporate into meals for my family for the next few weeks and I didn’t have to hardly THINK about it at all.  They are value-priced meals and recipes I think my family will like.  Since I’ve been struggling with meal planning – I’m quite excited to use some of these new recipes & meal ideas.

So here’s what I’m going to ask you to do.  Come back tomorrow, when I will have the links for you to purchase the Ultimate Bundle.  Take a look at the book list and add the “value” prices for the books you would be interested in.  If your value total is greater than the purchase price of the bundle, why not consider purchasing the bundle?  You have a RISK FREE 15 DAY Guarantee and can return your purchase and receive a refund if the bundle just isn’t for you!

Tomorrow, I’ll post the live links and you will be able to choose whether you’d like the PDF version (which is my personal preference) or the Kindle version for only $10 more.  So come back tomorrow and see why The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a worthwhile investment to help you as you manage your own home & family!