Favorite Hot Drink Mixes

I am a FAN of the hot beverage drink mix, no? Whether it’s coffee with a flavored creamer, or a fancy cafe latte, or a homemade cocoa mix – I’m pretty easily satisfied with just about any drink mix made at home. With or without marshmallows. Sugared up or sugar free. I love trying a new drink mix and tasting new flavor combinations. I thought I’d link up to a few drink mix recipes here that might just make YOUR mouth water – some of them are from my blog and some are from others. Take some time to check them out and give them a try…

I will just start by saying that one of my favorite coffee drinks in winter is a mix of instant coffee + cocoa mix. You can change up the flavors by adding just a few ingredients – but if you keep instant coffee (or leftover strong brewed coffee) and cocoa mix on hand, you can make yourself a cup of YUM any time you want!

Boil some water – stir in your instant coffee and mix, then add your hot cocoa mix and stir until all the lumps are gone. Drink as is or make it flavored:

  • For Mint – add a few mint flavored chips or 1-2 Tbsp crushed candy cane or peppermint extract and stir well
  • For Cappuccino – add some orange extract or peeled orange rind and allow to steep for a minute, then remove the rind
  • For Mexican – add a pinch of ground cinnamon and a splash of vanilla
  • For Viennese – just add cinnamon
  • For Swiss Almond – add almond extract and a splash of cream
  • For New Orleans – sweeten with brown sugar and a few drops of butter extract

Try a variety of flavored extracts to get just the flavor you’d like: almond, toffee nut, etc.

IF none of those suit your fancy, try a drink mix from the links below!

Hot Cocoa Mix by the Better Baker

Hot Cinnamon Milk Mix by the Better Baker

(this is surprisingly delicious – I wasn’t sure what to think until I tasted it: DIVINE!)

Russian Tea Mix

this is something I loved even as a kid – although I’d adapt this recipe and use an alternative sweetener – 2 cups of sugar seems like a LOT!

and last, but not least, a post I did November 2011 linking up to a few other drink mix recipes:

Holiday Drink Mixes

As it gets colder and snowier, my girls really like to have hot cocoa or even warm milk at bedtime, but when they go to bed, this Mommy likes to have her own warm-up beverage to share with her hubby! This little collection has me inspired to get make up my own drink mix (or several mixes) to enjoy during these dreary cold days of winter!

Do you like to make homemade drink mixes? What’s your favorite flavor? Do you have a favorite recipe?

One thought on “Favorite Hot Drink Mixes

  1. Marsha 'Nana' Baker says:

    Like Mother…Like Daughter! =) I LOVE these drink mixes too…can’t get enough of them and love giving them as gifts. I had 2 cups of pumpkin spice mochaccino from a mix this morning instead of coffee. Love the idea of dressing up your cocoa/coffee combo. You are a woman after your mama’s heart…..in lots of ways. XO

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