Favorites on Facebook: Summer Salads

I’m starting a new “thing” for A Latte with the Queen Mommy readers – check out the facebook page today and share your favorite summer salad recipe.

Feel free to post the recipe in a comment – or share a link to your favorite salad. I’d love to see what your favorites are!

(This is something I would like to do every week or every other week to get some activity going on the Facebook side of ALQM. I hope to see you there!!!)

You can find MY favorite summer salad recipe HERE.

3 thoughts on “Favorites on Facebook: Summer Salads

  1. vic says:

    Love Italian pasta salad but also love this one: CHICKEN RANCH PASTA SALAD:
    You know me, I don’t use actual recipes alot of the time… I cook and season some boneless chix breasts with a little olive oil, garlic salt & mesquite seasoning before cutting into bite size pieces & let cool. Cook some bow tie pasta [el dente] drain, rinse in cold water til completely chilled, drain again-well and lightly toss with a couple TBL EV olive oil, then I use LOTS of ranch dressing in a separate bowl and add about 1/2 cup sour cream to firm it up a bit and toss that with pasta, chopped celery & sometimes some frozen peas. I serve it on a bed on chopped Romaine lettuce- it’s very yummy but don’t make more than you eat at a meal, it doesn’t carry over real well. Best served fresh! Really good.

  2. The Queen Mommy says:

    Hey Vic – Lately, I don’t use many recipes either – just mix up a bunch of stuff in a bowl, cook or bake or chill it – and eat! Your recipe sounds DELISH and I will have to make it at least once this summer! That sounds really good – thanks for sharing!

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