Today is finals, so there is no post. I have a paper to write, a discussion board to complete, a quiz and an exam.

It’s been an interesting week. This may be my last week of school for several month – more on that later – and I’m looking forward to a break, let me tell ya. As much as I LOVE the content, my school schedule – along with my other responsibilities – keeps me on the ropes far more than I can say I enjoy. I could use a breather and want to get my head on straight and then come back to finish it up refreshed!

It’s been SCORCHING hot here this week – and Tuesday night we lost power. About 12 houses on our street lost power – and it was 11:00 pm before the power came back on. Thankfully we didn’t suffer too much from the heat, and the girls had extra time to catch fireflies outside…

Hope you have a terrific weekend!

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