Finding Grace and Glory in a Messy Life

As part of a blogging group on Facebook, I started reading a new book about blogging.  I’ve read PLENTY of books about blogging, and for the most part, have gained new information or ideas or methods about blogging from each of them.

But this book challenged me in a new way, and I feel like I’m fitting back into my blogging skin again.

Now if only my LIFE would cooperate.

FGG 250As much as I’d LIKE to be disciplined, organized, consistent, and even addicting – I am often cluttered, and messy, and distracted, and unfocused.  And that doesn’t just apply to my blog, but because of those things, I struggle to get into my blogging on a consistent basis.

What I want to do is sit and have a cup of coffee with you.  Talk about life.  Talk about struggles.  Talk about lessons learned.  Laugh our way through freshly baked cinnamon scones, offer a shoulder to literally cry on, and talk about our favorite things.  Or even our NOT favorite things.  How I need help getting some projects prioritized, and then I need help actually accomplishing those projects. LOL!  I pay in scones & coffee!!!

Anyway – that’s how I want this blog to feel.  Like a real conversation at a kitchen table over a cup of coffee.

Sometimes sharing stories about my kids.  Sometimes listening to stories about your kids.  Sometimes talking about faith, the questions, the challenges, the journey.  Marriage.  Motherhood.

And how much Jesus wants to redeem it all.  Every single bit of it.

But we can’t do that.  It isn’t a reality.

So this blog is where I’d like to do that.  And I want you, whether you are just breezing through or subscribed by email to get every post that is published, to feel comfortable enough to stay awhile and visit with me.  Talk to me.  Share with me.  Let me know what’s going on with you.

I’m going to write about my faith and family, first and foremost.  But I also want to dig back into natural remedies and DIY solutions to everyday problems.  I want to share favorite recipes and great giveaways.  As usual, I’ll still recommend books and products and other great blogs to read, and I hope that we can get to know each other better.  And I look forward to hearing more from you.

AS far as Finding Grace and Glory in a Messy Life – well, that’s where I live…

Two things you should know about now:

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  1. LOOOOOVE the title! Very nice setup. Rock on Sister! One day at a time…know you are loved & covered in prayer each day. I look forward to reading your posts. XO

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