Five Minute Friday: Encouragement



There are some people who naturally encourage others.  With their words or actions.  They see the gifts that someone else has to offer and then come alongside them, complimenting or appreciating those gifts.   Words of encouragement can be like the most gracious, graceful balm to a weary mind, or a broken heart, or a struggling soul.  Sometimes encouragement is THE THING that keeps someone else from giving up.

And it becomes all too easy to forget to encourage.  To get caught up in the daily minutia of life – all the minutes we are supposed to manage.  All the backpacks to check, lunches to pack, dishes to wash, laundry to fold.  It is easy to focus on the TASKS we need to accomplish (in order to feel accomplished?) and to forget that we are not alone in our journey and someone else ALWAYS has more difficulties or challenges that are more significant and troubling.

It is important for us to step outside our realm of responsibility, our scope of practical living, our own little world – to see others for what they have to offer, what they have to give, what they might have to go through – and to speak or act in a way that offers up a ray of hope, a pat on the back, or just straight up encouragement.  We are all on a journey, and it’s nice to have a voice that speaks kindness and hope when we need it!


Five Minute Friday


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