Five Minute Friday: Grace. And How Much I Need It.


The ever-elusive feeling that I pursue on a regular basis.  In which I would like to bathe every minute of every day.

Instead – I live in the real world where grace is hard to come by.  A fairy tale, almost.

Except, GRACE isn’t a feeling.  It’s a person.  It’s my Savior in the flesh, walking the dirt roads and being tired and hungry and thirsty and still putting one foot in front of the other because He loved ME.

That is Grace.

HE is Grace.

I need more Jesus=Grace.  I need to walk with Him hand in hand when I’m awakened at 1 a.m. by scared kids in a thunderstorm and don’t get much sleep the rest of the night.

I need more Jesus-Grace when I think that my efforts as a wife and mom and homemaker fall drastically short of some “mark” that means success.

I need more Jesus-Grace when I yell at my wound up kids, all hepped up on candy or TV or wanting-mommy’s-attention when all I want to do is relax and NOT think or worry or do-anything-for-anybody-else for more than 60 seconds.

I need more Jesus-Grace when my hubby & I get short with each other and I’m kinda glad he has to go to work.  For about 5 minutes and then I miss him.

I need more Jesus-Grace when all the mouthwash is dumped down the sink, and all the candy corn is eaten out of the candy corn – peanut treat in the candy dish, and there is NOT. ENOUGH. COFFEE. for this mom this morning.

Jesus = Grace.  And I so desperately need more of Him every minute of every day of my life.

Five Minute Friday

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Grace. And How Much I Need It.

  1. Kelly says:

    Stopping by from FMF. This is so simple, and so profound too. Thank you for sharing your heart this morning and reminding me that as we receive grace from our Father we also need to be *giving* Jesus-Grace to those around us (and to ourselves sometimes). Yes, with you, desperately wanting more of Him!

  2. Sabrina Houser says:

    So true, we all look for grace, and it’s in the moment of anger, torment, and exhaustion that we need it most. Life has a way of distracting us from grace, but through love, we always find our way back and start the day with the hope that grace will fill our heart.

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