Five Minute Friday: Reflect

Flash Mob Writing.  That’s what Five Minute Friday is all about.  Lisa Jo Baker posts the topic and writes for 5 minutes straight – no edits or pauses or corrections – just writing for the sheer love of it.  The topic today is one of REFLECT.  She writes of Nelson Mandela from personal experience.  I invite you to read it today!


When I think about the word “Reflect” I automatically think of the moon and sun.  Learning, in science class, that the moon did not have a light of its own like the other myriads of stars in the sky, made me feel a little sad.  Here was this dark, dusty, lonely planet in the sky among billions of burning lights in the distance.

And yet, as I grew older, I began to consider the value of the moon.  Because it does not just reflect light from the sun to the earth, does it?  The moon has a pull on our ocean tides, on the water of the planet in general, and some say, even of the water that makes up most of the human body.  It is not just a lifeless lump of rock and dust, pocked by asteroids and lightly imprinted by few human footprints.

No, the moon affects life.

Without the moon, the night sky would be utterly dark.  On a cloudy, moon-covered night, it is the darkest of dark.  The only lights visible are those fueled by electricity.  Even with the billions of burning stars, there is not enough light to see the way even across a yard.

Just like the moon, I can be a reflection of the most powerful Light of the world.  And while it is an incredible privilege that the possibility even exists, I often wonder how well I am doing.  How often I reflect HIM to my family.  It is a deeply painful thought.  Do I live my life behind clouds of regret and guilt?  Anger and disappointment?  Do I live behind ANY kind of cloud that invalidate my verbal message because my actions say otherwise.

Reflection on my ability to reflect Jesus Christ seems like a double negative.  But the truth is, despite it’s pock-marks and mystery, the moon reflects the sun because the sun shines.

I want to reflect Jesus Christ because He shines.  That is my ultimate goal – more than meal planning or organization or making Christmas memories with my kids.  I want to reflect HIM in my life.

And i pray that I will.


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