Funny Cat Videos and My Cat Shadow

My kids are ALL about the funny cat videos.  Have you seen these things?  I see them on Facebook and in Twitter links.  If you go to Youtube and type in funny cat videos, you will get a whole slew of listings.  Some of them are very entertaining!

My kids don’t even know it’s a fad, but like many of their friends at school, they are all over the funny cat videos.  I can’t tell you how many we have actually watched together.  Or how many times I’ve been asked to watch funny cat videos.  And it goes on from funny cats to funny babies (which is probably MY favorite set of funny videos) and AFV videos.

I have also seen quite a few people post pictures of their cats sitting in the middle of whatever it is they are working on.  It could be an open laptop.  A book.  A bowl.  A table.

We have a cat named Shadow.  He is a gorgeous gray mix that we got out of a friend’s barn.  He was super tiny when we got him and now he has grown into a beautiful cat.  He has always had a shiny, silky coat and he is particularly attached to me.

He LOVES to get into the middle of whatever I am doing at the most inopportune moments!  EVERY morning that I get up early and get on my laptop, my Shadow decides he needs to get in my business and walks across my table, my laptop, my arms as I’m typing – just because he can. If I dare remove my hands from the keyboard, he will lay himself across it!

One day last week as I was sorting papers and bills and organizing things into folders at my kitchen table. I got up to get another stack of papers to sort and when I turned around – there was Shadow sitting on one of my stacks on the table. He had his back to me of course, as if he was doing NOTHING at all…

I don’t always think to take pictures of MY cat doing these things.  I’m more focused on getting things done and moving him aside…  But here is one picture I managed to get while I was laying on our bed trying to watch NCIS on Netflix (I’m rewatching the entire series!  I love me some Leroy Jethro Gibbs!!!) and Shadow had other ideas…


He has NO problem getting right in my face and purring loudly.  Occasionally, he will even do this in the middle of the night – but that usually means he needs water or food.  He cannot speak, but he lets me know what he wants!

I am not sure Shadow has ever done anything to “qualify” for a funny cat video, but he certainly has a fun personality and I enjoy having him around.