Getting Ready…

School is getting into full swing around here. Some schools in the state started last week – and most in our area are starting today and tomorrow.

Curly is a “Kindergarten Girl” and she is ALL. KINDS. OF. EXCITED!

We pulled her out of the Christian school (for a variety of reasons) and she’ll be starting at a local Catholic school. The great thing about this school is that it’s only a couple of blocks away and she gets to go more than 3 hours a day! She is very excited about getting started – she’s quite the social butterfly. We are not Catholic, so we will address our faith with her at home, but the education is really excellent and having her so close is going to be really great.

Georgie – may be starting Preschool. She is my free spirited – don’t put me in a box – kind of girl. Think Anne of Avonlea… She is very bright, but keeping her still is a real challenge, and she’s going to need a good teacher who can capture her attention and work with her learning style. Which is – I’ll dance around while you talk and be able to recite the answers verbatim… sigh.

Since I haven’t been sleeping extremely well of late, I am dreaming of a few morning naps to come. LOL… And a LOT of SERIOUS cleaning out.

My theme this summer & fall is: SIMPLIFY. It’s not just a theme, it’s like a directive from God. He’s been calling me to get rid of a lot of the extraneous stuff – and for good reason. When life rocks your boat, you figure out what is most important and that’s what you cling to. It’ll be easier to get rid of the myriad of toys that never get played with – and to unload the flotsam and jetsam…

One thought on “Getting Ready…

  1. Dawn says:

    I get ya, sista! Cleaning when the kids are NOT home is so much easier. I usually send my kids somewhere when I need to clean out! Now that JJ is older, though, we do it together, or he does it himself. It’s all good. 🙂 Girls, though, are quite another story!

    So glad that Curly is starting Kindergarten! Yay! She will love it!!! Bella is my social butterfly as well and she finished kindergarten last year. She love love loved school and cannot wait for 1st grade to start. Good luck my friend! Hope all is going well…I’m a little worried about you!!!

    <3 Dawn

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