Getting through the Rough Places

I don’t want to sound whiny – but I probably will. This was a VERY rough weekend – a rough patch of sorts.

Georgie had a stomach bug Friday evening – through the night – into Saturday. Poor thing – she was wrung out! Right alongside her, Little Man was actively cutting a tooth – and is still congested enough that he’s struggling to breathe through his nose.

During a nap with 2 of my kids Saturday afternoon, my mom called to say she was at the ER with my dad who had had a spill off his 4-wheeler. Had a big gash on his face, but the 2 grandkids he was riding with only had a couple of bruises. That was the good news.

As of 24 hours later, he had been life-flighted to University of Toledo Medical Center – due to swelling & bleeding. My dad is on a couple dozen medications, including a blood thinner, and the swelling & bleeding could not be stopped. There was concern about a brain bleed, a spleen injury – and a broken rib was confirmed. At this point – he has finally been moved to a room in ICU, where he is continuing to be monitored. Another CT scan will be done tomorrow – and they continue to battle high blood pressure and a fever. My mom was with him at UTMC and just as she was heading to a cousin’s house for a shower and much needed rest, they got him moved, so they both need a good night’s rest!

Your prayers would be appreciated. I promise I will announce the winner of the MyMemories Suite giveaway – but need some time… Thank you for your patience and understanding. =)

One thought on “Getting through the Rough Places

  1. Donna Standridge says:

    Debbie, you don’t need to apologize for this! Everyone hits bumps in the road and sometimes it take awhile to assimilate all of the factors going on in your life. Lack of rest due to ill and cranky children seems to add to the stress. You have good reason to really be concerned about your Dad. He is out of town, you can’t go see him physically due to ill children. It is natural to stress even more when you can’t see for yourself that he is going to be okay. We’ll keep praying for him and also for your Mother that she doesn’t get down with all the stress and lack of rest. LOve, Donna

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